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***Post up if you are planning on riding a pocket bike on the track***

For the third year in a row.... :D :clap

Daytona 200 party
Saturday March 11th
doors open at 9am
Champs Karting in South Seattle
$10 door cover includes
Karting specials
buffet & free sodas
raffle prizes
beer & wine specials
100' screen with over 20 MORE televisions for all day race day

*****2 stroke pocket bike racing by NWmimiMoto*****

Access to mini moto racing
All riders pay x(1)$25 fee **This includes your entry fee**
must sign liability waiver
racers must wear a minimum of the following
1. boots or protective foot wear
2. protective jacket
3. helmet
4. gloves

Plenty of track time with multiple sessions for slow, med and fast groups.

If anyone remembers last year there was so much track time that riders were pulling off before the session were over.

NWminiMoto will be there with 2 race trailers and all the team Race bikes ready for some laps.

Bring all the pocketbikes you can find and well make sure you get enough track time!!!!

I will be collecting funds at the door. Also please make sure your bikes are tuned and ready to go onto the track.

Don't want the hastle of paying at the door??? ****You can also pre pay using paypal. Payment must include the paypal fee of $1.25 for a total of $26.25 and must be done by March 1st*****

Paypal to: [email protected]

Gear ratio should be for a short twisty track.

If you just go to the party and do not bring or ride your pocket bike then entry is $10 per person. If you sign up and ride your pocketbike then the entry is $25 that includes you entry fee, racing, food, drinks...everything!!!!!!

Contact me with any questions.

:redflip :redflip :redflip

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Here is the updated list. Sign up it's a one a year event not to be missed!!!!

Mitch **paid**
Nico **paid**
Shawn **Paid**
Robert **Paid**
Lil Mario
Brian B **Paid**
Carly **Paid**
Rhiley **Paid**
(Chris guest of Brian B) **Paid**

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It turned out great. Did not see anyone from the forum:confused but a good amount from many bike clubs showed. The PB racing was larger than ever with less than 5 percent China bikes. Good racing!!!!
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