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Roll Call

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Ok guys I know some of you are checking this out and even maybe joining the site so lets here from you.
My username on the other boards is:

1986 V-Max

Anyone else here?
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Yup, just joined in. I like the site so far!
Cool. I thought this may be a little easier than the Yahoo boards and there is so many more things you can do. Avatars, links and a lot of areas to frequent.
Now we have to just spread the word to everyone else.
A big welcome to the V MAX guys!!!!
Scuzball, actually, John Baughman checkin' in!

Same name on Yahoo.
VMax Club #373
AMA Member
(Reserved for future VMOA # AFTER spending money on getting it running better... :p)

Howdy all, this site rocks, much better than Yahoo. I've seen this software before and have helped set it up on a friend's web site. Great stuff!

Thanks Wikd!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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