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???'s about first bike

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I posted this a while back on sbn but now i actually have the cash on hand so... what would be a good first bike for around $1,500? I was thinking about a 250cc ninja there arn't alot of those for sale where i live and i'm going to post my questions about them in the 250 forum so any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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read my response in the 250 forum mate.
if you dont mind something a little older check out an '84-86 Honda VF500, very good and reliable beginner bike and you can fing a good one for $1200.
I'd say a suzuki gs500e... I think thats what im getting for my first bike, and my budget is about the same.
Thanks, for the information everybody. Now that i have some cash i can't wait to get a bike but i may save up some more before i actually get it.
mushin_042 said:
Thanks, for the information everybody. Now that i have some cash i can't wait to get a bike but i may save up some more before i actually get it.
make sure you save some money so you can get your gear.
I second the GS500 idea. I bought mine new, but you can usually find one just a few years old and in pristine condition in your price range. No complaints on my bike so far.

Good luck in your search.
EX 250 (ninja)
EX 500 (ninja)
GS500 suzuki

oh yeah, and don't forget gear. you don't want to skimp there...

good luck ! :thumb
Thanks for all the advice, you guys rock :thumb . Definetly getting gear and msf course. I think i've decided to get the KBC VR-1 helmet, haven't decided on gloves and jacket yet. I was gonna get a fieldsheer or joe rocket mesh jacket since i live in Tx and it's hot as heck here but i think i'm gonna get a leather one since winter's almost here and buy a mesh one when it gets hot again. While we're talking about gear any advice on good gloves and a leather jacket that offers good protection and value would be appreciated.
Well you also could look at UMJ's too (Universal Japanese Motorcycles). Bikes liek CB550's, XS650, CB-1, KZ440, GS550 and such. MOst of those generally run you anywheres from $300-$1000 and arent hard to maintain and take a hell of a lot of abuse from drops and such.:D Plus insurance is damn near nil on them too.
bandit 400

Yamaha SRX

yamaha RZ350

gpz 550

any dual sport bike would also be good to learn on.
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For a decent cool weather jacket you might check out the 2002 Joe Rocket Meteor 3. is blowing them out for $99 dollars. I ordered one this week and it seems to be a well built textile jacket. Especially for the money. Pretty warm with the liner in it and there enough room to layer underneath it for additional warmth. That can be hard to do with Leathers. It's surely not the greatest thing available but for the money and for someone just starting out it might be a good option.

Also, for gloves, is closing out this years model teknic violator pro's for $69 I bought a pair of them as well and they are much improved (in my mind) over last years Violators (which I also have) and for that price, they're a steal!
Elliott, when you buy gear online how do you make sure you get the right size? If you get the wrong size will they let you send it back for another size or a refund if they don't hace that size? Rob where can i find more info about UMJ's? Is UMJ a motorcylcle company, i've never heard of it, also where can you buy them?
It depends on where you buy something online, I suppose. Newenough has a very liberal return policy which, although it's still kind of a pain if something doesn't fit, is nice.

Since you really don't know what sizes you'll need for different things you would probably be better off getting your stuff local. Go over to Motoliberty off of I35 and Royal lane and tell them you're a new rider and need to get geared up. They'll take good care of you over there. You might even talk them into a discount if you buy a full setup (jacket, gloves, boots, helmet etc..)

Oh and UJM=Universal Japanese Motorcycle. It's just a term applied to a certain style of bike.
Thanks for the advice elliot. It's cool to meet another rider from around here.
Hey, you're welcome. I'm certainly not an expert at any of this but I was in your shoes not too long ago, looking for a bike and gear and all that.

If you haven't been shopping for equipment yet, be prepared for sticker shock. I spent about $1K on jacket, boots gloves and a helmet. I didn't buy the super high-end stuff either. Most of my stuff is probably middle of road as far as price goes. You could easily spend more. But you can also spend less if you're willing to shop online and get in on the closeouts and stuff. The problem there is, as you mentioned, trying the stuff on and seeing if it fits. Once you've gotten into a jacket and gloves and helmet and all that, you'll know your sizes and you can shop online with a bit more confidence. One thing I would be very leary of buying online as a first timer is a helmet. You'll probably need some help with fitment the first time around and it's nice to have an experienced salesperson to help you with that. Again, the folks over at Motoliberty can be a big help here.

This is NOT a cheap hobby/lifestyle (whatever you want to call it) by any means but you simply shouldn't skimp on your gear. I actually bought all of my riding equipment before I bought a bike so I wouldn't go crazy and spend too much on the motorcycle and not have enough left over for the clothes. :rolleyes
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i like the picture of the bandit 400 above, did suzuki stop making them? I couldn't find them on their site.
Yeah, they quit making the 400cc bandit some time ago. Unfortunately, small bore sportbikes just don't sell very well here in the US. As a result, since not many are sold, there aren't too many on the used market from which to choose. Personally I'd like to have a CB-1, a 400 Bandit or an old FZR400 to play with (and for my wife to ride) but ....oh well.

It's not impossible to find them though, just keep any eye in the paper and on cycletrader, ebay etc....

Go to a motorcycle store & try some jackets on. Make a note of the brand, size & of course price.

Then you can start a online search..GL man.
Thanks for the advice guys, i think i'll head to some shops later this week to find my sizes and then start looking online too.
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