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Keep it a Happy New Years! Dont pick up those keys if you've been drinkin!
Please read my little story and remember it before you do tomorrow night....

We all love to bitch and rage over drunk drivers :rant But here is a situation most of us are guilty of at least a time or two.

Long story short, my ex girl~fling and I were out having some drinks downtown two years ago, she was wasted and horny, I was hardly buzzed and horny :p She wanted to fool around in the car before we left for home, so we did :p :p She happened to mumble a name...that huh...wasn't mine. I got a little pissed off, put the keys in the ignition, and told her, Biatttch, I'm takin you home! Driving a little fast, but remember I'm not fucked up, got popped for doing 70 over the 520 bridge heading for the Eastside. Cop goes to passenger window to talk to me (as they sometimes do), and immediatley smells strong alcohol sent (mostley from her). Again, long story short, I got popped for a DUI.
To keep my license, and good insurance standings, I had to use the "defered" option. Some of you may know this, but most dont...Here are the costs involved:
$3000.00 Lawyer fee
$4500.00 Two year treatmet program
$65.00 per month propation fees for two years = $1560.00
FIVE years of AA, two times per week = 780 total hours of my time.
There are a lot of other penalties too, but those are the most painful.
If I do the math right, that would buy a damn nice bike!

The strait facts of my DUI:
BAC = .12 (about 3 beers for someone my size).
Caught for speeding, not being drunk.
Total cost, time and money...Well over $10,000.00
Lesson learned: Priceless.

So if your still reading...Have a great New Years, just stay safe!!!


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Did she say the name Joe?:laughing

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yeah i was gonna say was it my name... but since it was a guy i know its not me.... now see that is something i would be able to say on any other forum but thanks to james homophobing my name and stuff and everyone else as well i cant say im not gay and have people believe me now... great :doublefli

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So the lesson to be learned is you should have just stayed in the car and got it on? Or, you should have kicked her ass to the curb when she said the wrong name?

Personally, if a girl says the wrong name to me in the heat of passion, I'd call her a different name too. It'd be like roleplaying!

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Good reminder, Stevieb - If you are drunk and driving, you are lucky if all you get is a DUI. Vehicular Manslaughter is a something I would hate to have to live with.

Also, the limit .08 is soo low, that it's not worth the risk. You can think you are well under and still get popped.

I know it's not always easy, but if you are drinking, get a ride.

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