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Scarification step 3 (Finally got pics)

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This is the 3rd step, the outter bit was done about 1 month ago, inner 2 days ago.
It was cut with a scalpel than burned with a cauterizer.

And yea... it hurt :p


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Holy shit man, you're nuts.

I burned one of my buddies once. He wanted his initials on his arm. The smell of burning flesh was pretty bad. I decided then that I would never do that to myself.
Damn Jet, more power to you. Looks really good. I'll just keep getting tattoo's. That looks way to painful.
Thats awesome!!!

I think scars are cool. I got a few scars on me and i think they are kinda cool..but that takes the bomb right there :D. However that process looks too painful for me so ill go with tattoo's.
Very nice. What was the purpose of cutting the area to be cauterized before doing the burn? Was all that skin actually removed with a blade first, then the underlying meat cauterized, or was it a straight cautery within cut lines? :confused

Cut it so that you ca get to the fatty tissue, once your there you're pretty much guaranteed a scar, carterizing helps it scar up more plus it reduces chance of infection.
Only scarification like that I want is if my leg accidently touches a hot exhaust pipe getting off a bike. :laughing

Looks cool though
I'll be the voice of dissent and say more power to you and all but it doesn't look like it's anything more than the result of an accident :laughing
Are you too good for tattoos? :laughing :laughing Looks cool, but I'm not into that much pain:D
looks painful, but I think it'll look hot when it's all healed. Maybe it's a primal thing...

He's too poor for a tattoo :redflip


Looks pretty sweet. Do the symbols mean anything, or just a design?
Whats the army got to say about you damaging their property?:laughing
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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