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Seattle super sonics tickets for sale, tonights game

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They are playing the suns @ 7 and I can't go

The seats are amazing 2nd row center court right behind the announcers, oh yea I have two of them. Tickets are normally $110 a pop. I'll sell them for $75 OBO but I need to know by 1 o'clock or so cause I am givin them to my roomate then. PM if interested, I'll be on most of the morning
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"$75 OBO" per ticket or for both? If the latter, I'm very interested.
Oh yea if ya want them I sent you a PM with my cell phone number. Let me know
Sorry, I just sold them. But I have them quite often and don't go to every game so I'll let you know next time, hopefully with more advance
Thanks for the PM. Unfortunately, I'm no longer available anyways.

Do the Sonics have a game this Saturday? If so, do you have any tickets available?
They do but we already gave those away, sorry.
Brian, if you have any that you won't be attending, let me know in a weeks advance if you can. I will snatch them up from you.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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