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Is it snowing where you are right now? I think it's going to snow soon. Don't want to get trapped at work.
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No, but let me know if you need a ride. U better not be riding in the snow today sucka!
Renton... no precip at present.
Well, I think it is snowing a lot of places being that it is four in the morning and I just got home from my scheduled departure from Spokane of 8:00 Pm, talk about a 6 hour delay of hell for me, not only being in spokane but being stuck, glad to be home...
It's snowing here.
it aint snowin you hooligans!
wingzerothree said:
it aint snowin you hooligans!
You coast guys suck, dumping here:(
Light dusting in Renton, already nearly melted.
It started snowing here in the Tri-Cities around 7:00 am
Had some snow two nights ago in the evening and a few inches last night between midnight and this 5am... all melted by morning :(

Dropped the girl off up in Ferndale today (just got home) and it was DUMPING just south of Mt. Vernon and also in the hills between Mt. Vernon and B-ham... :eek
Still snowing here.
Snowed here in spocrapton. Rear whell cars SUCK INT THE SNOW. Got stuck on one of the hills here. Could be that I have been away from the snow for to long.:redflip Once I had some time in it, it got better. KInda miss the slippery stuff.
Yep It snowed in spocompton, we have about 2 inches at my parents. I had to snow blow the driveway this morning. Now I remember why I don't like the snow but it is fun to drive in:redflip
Snowing like a bitch!!!...even here in the desert...all night and still at it

it was a 4x4 drive to work this mornin':redflip
Suppose to get more snow today and tomorrow. But the good thing is, no work for me for another week.
We've gotten almost a foot here in CALI!!:confused
BordnBill said:
Suppose to get more snow today and tomorrow. But the good thing is, no work for me for another week.
rub it in ya ****...:redflip

no work, you lucky stud you:laughing

3 day week for me this week, not too bad considering I've been off for the last 10 days:nanana
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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