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So what cool things did everyone get for Christmas

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I personally got more toys than anything :laughing

Gotta love lego's

V-Rod lego form (over 700 peices)

USS Kitty Hawk lego form (over 1700 peices) The ship has to be at least 3 ft long :D

been looking for it for several yrs, last ship my grandfather was on before he retired from the Navy

Got tools, wife bought me some T- handle allen wrenchs and also got gift cards too Sears...

Got a crap load of clenaing stuff for my bike and truck gotta keep her pretty ;)

There be more but alot is stuff that was given to both me and my wife that are around the house things

I also was nice enough and take my 1 month old neice home Christmas night so my sister and her hubby could get some sleep and rest :mad Not that I got much :rolleyes
Talk about a noisy kid, shes either screaming, farting, burping, or making a squeaking sound all the time.. :D
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I got a yes from my proposal...the rest was just icing on the cake!
Congrats Skiv, thats great.

So when's the party???

I got two shirts that I probably won't wear, and a nice card.

At least from one set of parents. I'm going to San Diego this week to see the otherones, so There will be a few more things added to the list later.
The wife bought me a nice tool box and I also got a set of stands for the Kawi,any and all donations to help fill the tool box will be appreciated(Dave):D
I just went to Sears yesterday, and bought me a torque wrench, several rubber strap things to loosen and tighten jar lids and what not... Works great for oil filters on bikes :thumb

Also bought the wife a nice level so she can hang pictures straight..

Probably going back and picking me up some new screw drivers :nanana

gotta love tools...
Didn't really look to get very much this X-mas, but then again I always tell everyone I just want a card. Don't like people spending money on me for gifts when I don't have much to spend on them. Most important thing I got was to spend time with the ones that I love, my family. Every year is a gift because it is one more year I have my parents and sisters. To me, family is the greatest gift of all.

As to the material things, they were few, but as I said, a card would have done just fine...

Got me a new Black & Decker 18 Volt Firestorm™ Cordless Drill...

Thing will damn near torque your wrist off when you turn the setting all the way up...:D

Also got me some pants and shirts, a nice blanket, some cologne, and a cool little motorcycle figurine...

I hope each of you got what you wanted, and that some of you did not get what you deserved (there aren't too many coal burning furnaces left anymore:nanana ).

And on that note, here is to another year with family and friends :toast
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got a helmet camera from along with the remote so i can turn it on and off while riding... also got a pair of new balance shoes and a good deal of cash/gift certificates... i'm still at the age where i make a profit, i'd give myself another 3 years before i only break even, then i go into old age and a christmas deficit
phreak_on_an_f4 said:
Got me a new Black & Decker 18 Volt Firestorm™ Cordless Drill...

Thing will damn near torque your wrist off when you turn the setting all the way up...:D
I got one of dose! Love leaving the batter on the charger for more than 3 hours tho...the batts and charger cost more than the whole drill! I have used the hell outta mine!
Wow I'm all late, didn't know Skiv got engaged!!!

Congrats man!!

Best thing I got for Xmas was having my baby home to spend it with!!!

The rest was just material, although very nice stuff.
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