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So, ....what did you get??

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What did Santa bring you??

Sargent, did you get your gloves, the Bennelli, or both?

Cruizer, did you get your truck?
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I just got a lump of coal. :(


I got the usual clothes, a pair of draggin jeans, and a xena disc brake alarm.
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I've been thinking about getting some of those Draggin jeans. You will have to let me know how you like them.
A few gift cards, clothes, gift certificate to the airport for aviation fuel, and a "bookshelf" stereo to keep in the hangar.
A bottle of Glenlivet scotch, a couple of dress shirts, ties, belts and Black Hawk Down (can't watch it, though).
Oooooh Glenlivet....... That used to be all I drank. Good stuff!
I got a 29 Gallon Aquarium and stand!
And some misc. suff too.
Golf Clubs, clothes and other misc. stuff. My g/f got me a bike cover :D
Picture of a panaramic view of chicago at night, Dark Angel first season on DVD, Harry Potter for PS2, and lots and lots of misc stuff. Good Christmas :thumb
An electric vest for those chilly rides, a shirt or so and some new Swing CDs. Not bad. :D
Bottle of Cabo Wabo, Battery Tender plus, Mechanix impact gloves, and clothes. Not too bad!

Hey Aquarello, Winona Lake is close to Warsaw isn't it? The bank I work for has 3 soon to be 4 branches up there.
Winona Lake is practicaly surrounded by Warsaw, if you never seen the sign that says "now entering...." youd never know you left Warsaw.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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