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So Why Do People LIE?

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I drove down to Tacoma WA (1 hr 15 min drive) to look at this FZR600. It was on Cycle Trader for $2000. On the phone the guy tells me that it went down on one side with very, very slight damage. LIAR! Just a little rash on front fairing, nothing that couldn't be buffed out. LIAR! I get there, and this Sow of a bike, has been crashed, pieces of the fairing are missing, the choke is broken, the front fairings way off center, the pipe is engraved not scratched, with road rash and the body work on the plastic, he did himself, that was not something he should be bragging about. I could of done a better job with playdoh. Sorry about the rant, but I spent 3/4 tank of gas and 3 hours of my evening, after being out all day fighting the Christmas shopping crowd. I just don't know why people lie about something that you are going to go and see, it's not like he's mailing it to me sight unseen. What a dink face.
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thats really nice:rolleyes what an ass...
you shoulda done this :kickballs and said, listen, i may be a girl, but i'm not stupid. and walked off.

big ole :doublefli to stoopid people like that. :mad :shake
Well, he could have at least sent some pics via email or something......
The playdoh comment still has me laughing! :laughing
One :slap and one :kickballs from me too!
And one of these:
Because they are hoping that the person who shows up will be blind. Or have no sense.
Why do people lie

Because to some, a lie is easier than finding the courage to tell the truth.
I have a story like that...

I was looking to buy a 03 GSXR 1k, and found one on Ebay. The listing said that the bike was FLAWLESS with only 400 miles on it. So I bid and win so now we are going on a 2200 mile (round) trip to pick it up. I sent the guy $1000 to hold it, and made plans to drive up. Thats when the trouble starts, he owes $7800 to the bank! Well we go up anyways to see if we cant work a deal. When I get there after 12 hrs in the truck the bike has a bald rear tire, deep scratches in the swingarm, and a "R.I.P. Joe 1979-2003" sticker on the windscreen. If he followed the break in it shouldn't have a bald tire. 1979 being the yr I was born and my name being Joe was a little creapy! He tells me that the bike fell two days before and he feels real bad, and he only did a few burnouts.:rant I got my money back and came home.
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What a jerk!!!!! I don't get it either, it's not like you were never going to see the bike!!

Sorry you wasted all that time and gas:(

jkfr6---I love that little emoticon you put up!!:clap
cmikimoto said:
What a dink face.
That pretty much says it all. Sorry about your frustrating experience. People like him should be... Well, I can't say in polite company. :mad
Maybe you should have taken it for a test ride, called him from a payphone to let him know you've decided agains buying it because it just doesn't float well in the ocean.
yea that sucks....had a similar story to that with an aftermarket car exhaust.....I was very angry and I only drove 45 minutes:mad
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