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Someone Stole My 2019 SV650 :(

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Someone stole my motorcycle. Please help find these fuckers. Here's all the info I have: a couple of pictures of me and the bike, screenshots from the security footage, and descriptions of the people and their van.

Stolen on 4/18/20 between 5am - 6am at the ARIUM Westside apartment complex located at Northside Drive NW and 10th street.

Color: Black with Blue frame and wheels
Year: 2019
Make: Suzuki
Model: SV650
Aftermarket Mirrors

Person 1
Hair: Brown hair
Top: Light blue tee shirt
Bottom: Jeans
Age: 30-40
Sex: Male
Race: White
Physical Build: Average build and tall
Other: Carrying green shoulder bag

Person 2
Hair: Brown hair
Top: Black jacket
Bottom: Jeans
Age: 20-30
Sex: Male
Race: White
Physical Build: Average build
Other: Wearing rain boots, red motorcycle helmet

Vehicle 1
Color: White
Year: 2019
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Express
Type: Cargo van
License Plate: AJ84073 (Arizona Plates)
VIN Number: 1GCWGAFG7K1361657

I have reported this information to the police but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The car's VIN code can be equated with a person's fingerprints — it is unique, its combinations are never repeated. On Vingurus , you can track the prying owners by making free vehicle history reports.
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