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Ah, Good Ole Roman Java! :clap

Rooftop 'Basilica Bar' Opens at St. Peter's

Mon Dec 20,10:42 AM ET Oddly Enough - Reuters

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The view is hard to beat, the atmosphere can be, well, heavenly, and the coffee isn't bad either. St Peter's Basilica now has its own rooftop coffee bar.

The bar on the roof of Christendom's largest church opened several months ago without fanfare but even many Vatican officials and employees did not know about it until Monday when an Italian paper splashed the "discovery" on its front page.

Located on the terrace at the base of the cupola designed by Michelangelo, it commands a breathtaking view of St Peter's Square all the way to the Tiber River and beyond.

It is open to tourists who have already visited the top of Michelangelo's dome and who want to stop for a coffee or soft drink on their way back down to earth.

The bar does not have a name -- the sign over its entrance reads only "Ristoro/Refreshment" -- but an Italian newspaper dubbed it "The Holy Apostolic Cafeteria."

An engraved sign on a terrace wall reminds visitors to consume the drinks before continuing their visit to the basilica.

And while the spirit of the place may be there, spirits are not. Unlike its counterparts in Italy, the basilica bar does not serve alcoholic beverages.
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