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Has anyone heard of or seen this site yet?

I got the link to the site from my Aunt who is a Milwaukee, WI Police officer. It looks legit and I have browsed it a few times. It is bascially unclaimed property that is no longer needed as evidence etc and they are selling to clear out their storage rooms. They also say that If you find something that is yours and you can prove ownership, you get it back free.

So far, there seems to be some pretty good deals on there. I watched these tank bags go for $53. Also, the other thing that seems better then ebay is that these auctions are more like live auctions with a feature they call "Auto Extend" "If a bid is placed during the last 10 minute(s) of an Open or Reserve Price Auction, the auction will be automatically extended for an additional 10 minute(s) from the time of the latest bid. This auction will close once all bidding activity has stopped for a period of 10 minute(s)." So basically, you can't snipe someone at the end of the auction. Bidding has to bascially stop for the auction to end.

Here is a New York Times Article about the site.

What the site says about themselves:
Today’s law enforcement agencies have property rooms full of stolen or forfeited goods. The rightful owners are not easily identified, and once merchandise is no longer needed as evidence, it must be disposed of properly. Enter Property Bureau. Founded and managed by former police officers, Property Bureau harnesses the power of the Internet to quickly move items out of police property rooms, reduce personnel costs and generate revenue well beyond traditional police auction methods. And there is no cost to the participating police or sheriffs department.

Property Bureau has taken full advantage of the Internet’s potential by creating, an online auction site that gives property room items maximum exposure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a dynamic marketplace that provides buyers with a huge array of products to choose from. As opposed to selling in lots, each item is merchandised individually with a photo and description, generating revenue much higher than traditional offline police auctions. Site traffic is driven by offline and online advertising and public relations campaigns.

As a feature of its unique patent-pending inventory management system, Property Bureau uses proprietary bar coding methods to manage the tracking and merchandising of property room items and their placement on the Internet. All items are tracked by case or control number, with on-command reports available for auditing purposes. Property Bureau is responsible for all fulfillment and customer service functions, which relieves participating departments of burdensome management functions.

As an additional feature of its unique approach to online auctions, Property Bureau has established, the nation’s only privately owned national registry of stolen goods. Private citizens are invited to register on any items with serial numbers they have lost or reported stolen to their local police department. will search its database, and if an item has been received from a participating department, will return the item to the police department where the theft or loss was originally reported so that it may be returned to its rightful owner free of charge.

Bottom line, a partnership with Property Bureau will reduce personnel and space requirements dedicated to excess property and will yield dramatically increased auction revenues that law enforcement agencies and cities can use for such needs as additional personnel, new equipment and facilities.

For further information, please email [email protected] or feel free to call our corporate offices at (800)799-2440 ext25.

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Since Police Auctions are commanded explicitly by the public authority as an approach to deliver things from care, they are genuine. These police barters are a legal path for people in general to purchase used merchandise, and they're commonly more affordable than the other option. records barters from government offices. You can discover a rundown of each state's overflow webpage here, and you can do a quest available to be purchased data on your neighborhood government or police division's site, or get in touch with them straightforwardly.
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