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Storing Flat Tire

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The front tire has a slow leak, and my bike is being stored for the winter. Will the tire be damaged by storing it in this condition for a long period of time? :confused
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if it has a leak, why do you care if it gets more damaged? :confused
It's a slow leak and I couldn't find the source. I just made sure to check/adjust the pressure more often. The tire is still in good shape.
I should clarify - this tire is on my bike - front tire.
if the tire is up in the air, no.

You shouldn't really store bike tires on the ground anyway. I'd recommend a front-stand.

Also, might want to do the following things:

a)replace vavle stem (dismount tire, replace, remount tire)

b)check rim for cracks or other damave
I don't think he would be asking if the tire was in the air.

If the tire goes flat and is left with weight on it, the tire may deform which could cause it to seperate. I'm not sure if this is much of a problem with radial tires but bias tires will deform quite easily.
I don't think it's a good idea to leave the tire deflated with weight on it for a long period of time. Either fix or replace the tire, continue to inflate it at the rate it deflates or get the weight off it.
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