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I bought a pair of the Suomy race gloves about two months ago...The XL's fit a bit tight and the XXL was too big, so I went with XL's knowing they would be fine.

After 2 months of use, they pretty much started falling apart.
Left: velco to hold them on 50% shagged and hardly sewn on.

Right: Seams breaking on gauntlet and elsewhere.

Comfort was good, they vent well, but they just didn't hold up...

PROPS to Scott at LoneStar BMW in Austin TX for taking excellent care of the issue.

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I had the exact same prob with the Suomy gloves. My thumb started wearing quick, and a few stiches busted on the finger seams . Plus the damn things seem to have shrunk some from rain, more than most, cant use them now due to hurting too much, so I switched to Alpine Stars.
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