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Jim and Jimmer Adams, Stuart Siroky, Mike "The Sausage" Kielbasa, Jonathan Cuero and myself attended the August 27th RMMMC ( race at GRE kart race track (just East of Colorado Springs).

We arrived Saturday and got in some good practice before the rain came and had us scurrying. The next moring saw us up early and at the track for some more practice and tuning. Pressure altitude was around 8800 feet, so the tuning time was really necessary! The track has some expansion cracks, but is a really great track. Great grip, fast sweepers and tight hairpins, and some ELEVATION change! It can be changed into about 3 to 4 different layouts/lengths, think we ran next to the longest one.

The RMMMC guys were great, had a good turnout (think largest class had 14 riders?).

If memory is right, 50 open had Jimmer, Mike, and Stuart in 1-3 respectively, and Super Proddy had Jimmer, Stuart and Steve (Steve is the RMMMC president) in 1-3 respectively. I threw a chain and tried to take Steve out, but he jumped back up and recovered his spot. ;-)

This is the same race Jonathan crashed in and broke his clavical. The people were great, a complete stranger took Jonathan to the hospital.

Great hospitality, free hot dogs and great racing. I'd recommend racing there if you get the chance!
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