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Anyone have a Teknic Speedstar jacket? Pro's or Con's. Discount Motorcycle Apparel currently is showing these at $300. The cheapest I have seen it anywhere else is $479. Any comments would be appreciated.

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I have the '02 Jacket and also pants. The jacket/pant combo is slightly different in design than the standard 2-piece SpeedStar suit.

Fit is tighter than many other mfrs. I talked with a Teknic rep and per his recommendation ordered a size up from my actual chest measurement (by the tape). The extensive use of Keprotec in the arms makes for a tight squeeze if you aren't wearing a long sleeve shirt beneath. The jacket is cut fairly long, so it isn't prone to a drafty backside.

Airflow is pretty good with the rear vents opened. With them closed (and no liner) it is fairly comfortable down to 50 degrees or so. The liner is a snap-in quilted vest; it does a little to keep you warm but isn't very effective overall.

Details are very good. Good quality stitching, seamwork etc abound on my jacket.

Looks are killer IMHO. In all black, this jacket scares many citizens.

Living with it is fairly easy. The CF shoulder armor may interfere with your helmet while doing a shoulder-check but you will soon adapt your technique to fit. The rear hump may actually produce a little helpmet lift at high speeds... least it seems to on my bike. This can get annoying.

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