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Teknic Stinger Pants

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Just a little note about the Teknic stinger pants. My friend low sided yesterday maybe 15-20 mph, making a right-hand turn (damn gravel) he slid maybe 15ft, however the pants wore through in 4 places, hip, Knee X2, and shin area. He ended up with a small raspberry on his knee where it went all the way through his jeans as well. From what I have seen in this minimal crash these pants FAILED.... they just wore through and offered very little protection.

On a side, if when you low side your bike and break the oil filter cover (yam Vision 550). Don’t leave it to go get the trailer.... we came back to pick it up and it was gone some jackass decided they needed his POS crashed bike more than he did. Needless to say my bud did not have a good day yesterday.

Just wanted to warn you guys though about these pants, and their durability in the event of a crash. Seeing this has really made me second-guess ever wearing my textile pants again, I think its leathers from here on out. Ride safe and don’t forget that gear.

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Geez, even with the "double layers"?lol.:rolleyes

When are we gonna stop having to waste our money on crap and get these things tested and standardized? So like we find this out before someone's knees get shredded, again.:confused

Its amazing how we do business like this. Thanks for the report, glad your buddy's ok.
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