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Hi, everybody. Some of you will remember that I am the captain of the Motorcycle Safety crew for the Atlanta Avon 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. The walk was this past weekend, and I wanted to report on it.

There has been some FUD about the 3-Days this year, since the event production company went bankrupt and laid off its entire staff earlier this year. There are still two events left this season (NYC and LA), so if someone asks you to contribute, rest assured that the event will happen.

The Moto Crew's job is to escort the walkers, support and supplement the LEOs who direct traffic and cheer the walkers. My crew interacts with the walkers more than any other crew, and thus, we have the best job. Every crew is important; the event wouldn't happen without the trash detail, but they just don't get the props they deserve.

The walk started at Lake Lanier, 60 miles away, and ended in Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta. 2500 walkers and 300 crew camped in soccer fields for two nights. The Atlanta event raised $2 million (net, after expenses) for breast cancer research and detection.

The experience of the 3-Day is indescribable. The walkers love the Moto Crew (we're their cheerleaders, after all!) One night my crew got a standing ovation when we walked into the dinner tent. This is the last year of the Avon 3-Day events, but if you ever get an opportunity to participate in an event like this, DO IT. You will never be the same. You'll be better.

In closing, here is a letter posted on my crew's chat board, written by a walker. I cried when I read it.

Dear 3Day MotoCrew:

Since I couldn't personally thank you all at closing ceremonies, I
wanted to thank you now for the experience of a lifetime and for
keeping all 2450 walkers safe and cheerful.

I have never felt so many emotions coursing through me, I have never
cried so much for people I don't even know, I have never felt so
loved and encouraged by complete strangers. What a remarkable thing
we shared!

You all did a wonderful job with such a small crew and you will
forever be a part of this wonderful memory.

As a walker, a very special thanks to each of you but especially to
Jerry - your music pushed us up many of those hills - just when we
thought we couldn't possibly take another step, you would show up
with the music to get us through.

God bless each of you as we all fight together to see the last case
of breast cancer cured.

I love you all!!!

(name withheld by workerant)
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A very worthy endevor, and you should be proud of your participation. Rock on!

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My sister is a breast cancer survivor, and I too participate in one of these type of events every year. It's may way of thanking God (and others) for letting my sister hang around.

Thanks for your effort and commitment on this very terrible disease!
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