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Holy Hell, I'm bored. So I'll start another stupid thread.

So far:

- New Coffee Maker
- Fox Racing Yamaha T-Shirt
- OCC Cap
- Boxers A Plenty
- Cookware Set
- Gift Cards
- Cookbook
- Fox Racing Gear Bag
- Nice Billabong Shirt

And you????

· Thanks for having us all these years, Rez. Best o
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Yep, that's us. We exchanged gifts with each other and some friends of ours already. Driving to Naples for the weekend tomorrow, so why drive over wrapped presents and bring them back unwrapped? :redflip

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So far...

A graphics card
A bag of weed OOPS scratch that
A $50 Lowes gift certificate
A $1500 bonus

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O yeah...almost forgot about the work gifts.

A six-pack of German beer....Owner, boss, tech are all German.
$2500 bonus.

And for my b-day 2 weeks ago (from my fiance):

Cool-ass man-slippers w/rubber sole (for those late-night garbage outings)
Nautica fleece pullover. She knows what I like. :D
Nautica mock sweater. She told her mom what I like. :D

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$100 in new clothes.. because he refuses to buy me clothes.. lol -- and this is a great present considering I havent bought clothes for myself in quite a long time..i forgot what size I was. :laughing

umm, and Kevin's Mom sent us $$$, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered ritz bits, and homemade jerky :D

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-GP Pro Gloves
-Alien Quadrilogy DVD set
-Doc Martin sneakers
-Gift certificates galore
-Looney Tunes DVD set
-Tons of other DVDs
-Four XBox Games
-A patridge in a pear tree
-A framed Betty Page painting

More little stuff yet to come.

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-Candle and candle holder
-Bottle of tequila
-picture frame holder thingy
-pictures of breasts
-12 pack of Corona
-Fancy peppermill
-spare key
-Cookies from France
-bag of pistachios
-Digital camera (bought for myself, took aforementioned pictures with same)
-backscratcher from Pier one (wow do they work well!!)

That's about it from coworkers and friends. Family, hopefully they'll be hooking me up since I'm getting my parents a dishwasher and new kitchen floor.


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Well, my company gave me a $25 gift certificate to Wal-Mart that is reported as taxable income....Not much of a bonus when you consider that it gets taxed when you buy shit with it, then it gets taxed as income and at a higher level (I think) because it was a gift.....

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So far, some ties, a fifth of 7, and lots of food. I get my bonus and gift tomorrow, and I have no idea what else I'm getting. :shrug
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