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the rules - from the big boss

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The Rules of CycleForum..

The rules of CycleForum are very simple, but because they are so simple, they are STRICTLY enforced.

There is NO FLAMING (personal attacks, blatant insulting) of fellow members or staff. Pointing out mistakes in spelling or grammar are frowned upon as well.

There is no hard core pornography. (R) rated pictures are tolerated as long as they are kept in the appropriate forums.

There is no outside advertising. Vendors and dealers, please do not use the forums to promote your wares, without consent from the Master Administrators. Product questions, release news, teases etc are welcomed.

Please keep posts in their proper forum.

We are all adults, and all "bikers" so we do allow profanity, however we ask that you try to limit the use of strong profanity in the subject line of a post.

Each new user has a rating of 100. For each infraction of the rules, points are deducted from the users account. Reach zero points, and you are banned.


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