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New Member Orientation (new members please read)

First let me say WELCOME to our community!

CycleForums is a slightly different concept in motorcycle discussion forums.

This site is sponsored by TrickTape, therefore we never ask for donations of any kind to support the site. This site is provided FREE to all members, regardless of your bikestyle! If you want to support this website, simply support our sponsor!

The site sits on a massive server, running dual 1.67Ghz Pentium 4 processors. We are sitting on a big pipe for bandwidth. Tests show that this site should be capable of 2000 users online.

There are many domain names that point to the CycleForum, and soon they will be subdirected to their specific forums. (To be pointed at the SB section) (To be directed at the cruiser community)

Any of these will get you here!

This is YOUR site. A community is only as good as it's members. So if you see a new member that needs assistance, or someone getting unruly, please take a moment to help out. Think of it as a neighborhood watch/town council!

Just look at all the different places and bikes here. Not everyone has the same tastes, and that applies for this board too. This site is equipped with multiple "skin" templates, so you can choose a style that's right for you! You can access this feature in your control panel, or on the MAIN forum page (click the CF logo) and you will see the skin chooser drop-down box.

There may be some rules that apply differently inside each bike specific community, but the basic rules of CycleForum are very simple, but because they are so simple, they are STRICTLY enforced.


Avatars are the small images under your username. These help to denote a little of your personality, and suggest a bit of you to the other members. We recognize your right to freedom of expression, but while here on CF, we ask that you keep the avatars "work safe" for the LARGE number of members who may be surfing in a PG-13 environment.

There are options to turn off avatars for those who want to avoid any problems with potentially risque content. These options can be found under the USER PREFS or by choosing the "FAST" skin.

Avatars are PG-13 and lower. There is NO NUDITY, DEATH/GROSS avatars. Avatars that violate these rules, will be removed by the administration. While it is not mandatory, we remind you this is a bike enthusiast site, and a bike related avatar is an excellent choice. There are literally millions of sites to cater to your other likes and desires.

CF does not allow vulgar, obscene, profane or hate-based screen names.

There is a 10 line limit on Signatures. CF does not allow images in signatures. We also do not allow members to take quotes form other members (Funny quotes are ok, but negative remarks, comments etc are prohibited.) You must be allowed to quote the other member. If they do not like your usage of their comments, you will be asked to remove them. This has become an ongoing issue.

There is NO FLAMING (personal attacks, blatant insulting) of fellow members or staff. Pointing out mistakes in spelling or grammar are frowned upon as well.

CycleForums does not allow any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, racial and/or ethnic slurs; hateful content; or otherwise objectionable material.

Brand bashings is not tolerated at all. There will be large penalties for users who enter into subcommunities to bash or flame certain styles of bikes/riders. (i.e. a sportbike owner will NOT trash a Cruiser members because he rides a cruiser)

Due to too many strong and different beliefs, we here at CF have found the need to keep a cap on all religious topics. We apologize for this censorship, but we have learned the hard way that this is not something that can be discussed like civilized human beings.

As you may expect, this is due to only a small percentage of members who can not accept the fact that there are MANY and DIFFERENT beliefs other than their own.

Again, we apologize for this censorship.

There is no hard core pornography. (R) rated pictures are tolerated as long as they are kept in the appropriate forums.

Please keep posts in their proper forum.

We are all adults, and all "bikers" so we do allow profanity, however we ask that you try to limit the use of strong profanity in the subject line of a post.

If you are banned or COPPAed or receive any other "disciplinary" action while on this site, and you create another account, BOTH accounts will be permanently banned.

There is no outside advertising. Vendors and dealers, please do not use the forums to promote your wares, without consent from the Master Administrators.

Webmasters, we won't come on your site and spam your board, so please don't do it to us. These posts WILL be promptly deleted.

Product questions, release news, teases, etc are welcomed, but the site is privately funded by TrickTape, and other blatant advertising will be deleted. Reviews etc of other vendors posted by our members is encouraged!

Remember, the staff of CF is made up of VOLUNTEERS! They are here, every day doing extra work, and taking on an extra burden because they want to GIVE BACK. They do not need intolerance, or abuse. Since these are special people, flaming, or attacks made against them are dealt with a little more harshly.

BE NICE TO THE STAFF ;) They are here for you.... be there for them too! If you are interested in joining the CF team, drop one of the staff a Private Message, and we'll put you on the review list!

Moderators are appointed on an "as needed" basis. All other forum jobs/titles are promoted from the existing staff.

Each new user has a rating of 100. For each infraction of the rules, points are deducted from the users account. Reach zero points, and you are banned.

All remarks, suggestions, ideas, graphics, or other information communicated to CycleForums through this site will forever be the property of Cycle Forums.

Thanks for signing up!!!
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