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By: Dorothy Anne Seese

Even on secular news channels, there have been specials about Jesus of Nazareth because this is the time of year when by Christian church tradition, most Christians celebrate "Christmas" or the Christ Mass in early Catholic tradition and ceremony. Under expanding world secularism and the poisonous political correctness of the United States by virtue of court rulings, the holiday is rapidly returning to its pre-Church status as the celebration of lights, the ancient ritual of the birthday of the sun, not the Son of God.

To many Christians, this is horrifying. To others of us, this holiday is so fraught with various traditions and the illogical date of December 25th as to be more secular than Christian and more tradition than truth anyway, but what is disturbing is what is behind the rebellion against Christmas.

Since Holy Writ does not give the date of the birth of Jesus, or any command to in any way celebrate Christ's birth, no Christian is under any obligation to go along with a tradition, much less a tradition that has absorbed so much of the world's pre-Christian and post-Christian pagan rituals and legends. Flying reindeer do not add to anyone's spirituality, and children are taught outright lies about "Santa Claus" and his North Pole home, elves and famous night ride. The ancient burning of the Yule log, to return the next morning as an evergreen tree, is not the symbol of the resurrection of Christ but a highly commercialized version of a Nordic legend that originated in Babylon and traveled through many various routes and religious observances to the Nordic peoples. The Yule log has now been replaced by various evergreen trees cut a month or more in advance of December 25th and is an industry, not a sacrament of any sort.

Jesus Himself gave His people four commands: Love one another; be baptized, commemorate His death (not His birth) by taking Holy Communion (the Lord's Supper) and preach the Gospel of Grace. Beyond that, the New Testament is devoted to instructing the Church how it is to live in this world and prepare for the world to come, wherein evil does not exist, righteous dwells, and peace reigns. Somehow, the Gospel gets most lost then expounded at Christmastime, and the dire upset of the politically correct and the American (Civil/Criminal) Liberties Union is simply the continuation of the war against Christianity when in fact, Christians themselves would be better off to suggest that December 25th be renamed "Winterfest" and hold their Advent around the time of the Jewish Feast of Ingathering in September. After all, Christ's work on earth redeemed and "ingathered" God's elect wheat for the Kingdom ... without any help from Mr. Claus or elves.

There isn't a spiritually reborn Christian who can overlook the birth, life, vicarious death, glorious resurrection and angelically-escorted ascension of Christ the Lord each and every day of their lives until they receive the recompense of their faith, the salvation of their souls.

To merchandise an unfounded date fraught with pagan rituals is no honor to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. If the battle is for Jesus Christ, let it not be for church tradition but for the honor of the Lord in the keeping of His word and His commandments to His church universal. So much world has gotten into the church and captivated untaught believers or those whose institutional churches accept "Christmas" as the birthday of the Savior that it has become a travesty on the true meaning of the simple life of the Christian faithful, those whose lives have been transformed by the rebirth of the Holy Spirit. If the Church wishes to celebrate something, then let it celebrate its own birthday at Pentecost, with renewed commitment to the Lord, His Gospel of Grace, and emulation of His teachings.

But the war will continue. Whether it is over a nativity scene in public display or carrying a Bible into a school or public building (and I carry a New Testament in my purse everywhere at all times) then let the fight be fought with the swords of the Spirit carried by believers, in prayer and petition, against the forces of evil ravaging the world. To defy and deny the God of Creation who gave His only-begotten Son for sinners is to attack the very right of the Almighty Creator to dominate and rule His creation; and such is the condition of this sick world whose rebellion is even now bringing about retribution and mild judgment in preparation for that Great Day to come. On that Great Day, this evil, sin-sick world will indeed be judged by the return of Christ, as He said (read Matthew 24 and 25). He knows His sheep and He knows the goats. They are becoming obvious even to the naked eye of sinful man, how much more therefore to the God of Creation?

What is this total rebellion and war against Creator God? Revelation 16:16 calls the total rebellion of the world against God by the name "Har Mageddon" -- or Armageddon. No alien spaceships, no cyborgs, no special effects are needed. Man will be engaged in wars, nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom, with the very earth itself in rebellion with volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, strange weather patterns and growing turbulence. Man is essentially helpless when nature takes the helm and goes on a rampage. How much more then is man going to cry out for the rocks to fall on them at the return of Jesus Christ in His full revelation as King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Man's devices have always turned against him when used for evil. The laws of retribution are as certain as the law of gravity and other physical laws of the universe with which arrogant men are tampering to their own destruction. They want to play God? Yes. Behind all of this is the Master of all Evil, Satan the devil. Those who will not serve Almighty God serve Satan by default, since man is born in sin and has a sinful nature. Those who serve Satan also war against God Almighty, and the worst is yet to come.

People do not like to hear about Hell. Yet Jesus spoke more about it than any other individual in the Bible. It is not an invention of the church or a myth from a New Age source. The heathen are the ones who deny Hell, not the faithful, God's elect. Exactly what it is, like everything else in eternity, outside space-time and beyond the physical laws of this universe, we don't know and we don't want to know. Those who joke about it are absurd in thinking they are sophisticated and intellectual. Just as physical death is real, we are told spiritual death is real. And just as God is Life, so the Elect shall know eternal life in the presence of the Source of Life, Light and Love, God Almighty.

Lord Jesus, we humble ourselves before You as our Savior, Redeemer, Prince of Peace, Lord of Lord, King of Kings, and eternal Son of eternal God, God incarnate and giver of the Holy Spirit to rebirth us as Your children, without which we cannot even see (perceive) the Kingdom of God.

During this season when mankind is busy with a commercialized traditional holiday, let us remember that your Elect are Yours for every day of the years of our lives and eternally in the world to come.


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