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The Worst Reporting of 2003

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"National Public Radio correspondent Nina Totenberg: “Now they’ve got this guy [General Jerry Boykin], who’s head of the intelligence section in the Defense Department, who’s being quoted as telling various groups, while he’s in uniform, that this [war] is a Christian crusade against Muslims....I mean, this is terrible, this is seriously bad stuff....I hope he’s not long for this world.”
Host Gordon Peterson: “You putting a hit out on this guy or what?...What is this, The Sopranos?”
Totenberg: “No, no, no....In his job, in his job, in his job, please, please, in his job.” "

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! :crackup Nina Totenburg putting a hit out on someone!! That is too funny!!

Looks like some right wing extreemist web site . I try to get my news from less biased news sources
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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