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ill post it here even though it is for sale, i am not selling it. for those who need a track bike.
on the wera classifieds

01 GSX-R600 Race or track bike
I have a '01 gsxr600 FS. It was raced 1/2 of a season in '02 and has been sitting in my basement since except for a few street rides. It has a stock motor with 4500 miles on it. I have the title, but it has not been registered.

Yoshimura slip-on
Fresh Race Tech forks .925
Penske 2-way
ss brake lines
Matris titaium steering damper
Air Tech body work 2 Sets (rough)
GP Tech fairing stay
case covers
new battery
fully wired to WERA specs
Spare clutch, front brake pads, sprocket, body work
no street body work


I am in St. Louis MO.

Thanks, Rob

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Hey Big Dummy, we have a section for this!
Reminds me of somthing...
pot... kettle... black.
Ah, you know I'm just kidding.

That's an awesome price, though, and only 600 or so miles away...
Road trip?

High Drag - Low Speed
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Which page of the bike for sale is this one on Rob?

I must be skipping over it? There are so many out there for sale it will be hard to choose ..... :confused
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