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tire sizing?

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alright, i got a hawk gt and it's factory tire size says 110/80/R17 and 150/70/R17 Rear. Since Pirelli is running the buy one tire get one free promotion, i'm thinking about picking up a set. But, the problem is they only have 110/70/R17 fronts and 150/60/R17 rear. Will this set up work or will there be handling problems? Would there be any other adverse affects?
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If you go with the shorter profile tires, your hawk will handle different than what you're accustomed to.

It's up to you whether the handling is adversely affected or not.

I put a 140/70-17 on my Hurricane that's supposed to have a 130/80-17 and noticed the difference in handling. It's not as stable when you get it leaned over.
Go with a 160 in the rear. They are designed for the Hawk's 4.5" rim, and I think you'll be happy with the preformance. As for the front, I refer you to the Hawk FAQ : . Seems to be a thing that has been done before.
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