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TLR from a Vstar1100

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My room mate bought a 99 Yamaha VStar not to long ago, to ride with his dad. His dad has a 99 Harley, not sure on model, but its huge. Well when he bought it, he wanted to use it as his daily and then ride with his dad. Well he doesn't really ride with his dad and all along hes wanted a Sport Bike. Our buddy bought a 01 TLR a few months ago, and my room mate really likes it and wants to sell his Vstar and buy one. Hes just wondering one thing, whats the transition going to be like?
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Like goin from a lawn tractor to a gocart :laughing Really it is night and between a cruiser and a sportbike.If he just takes it easy and gets used to it he will be fine
We were using the examply of Cadi to a single turbo MKIV Supra.

Our buddy with the TLR learned on his dads Honda CB750, its a 2 speed auto matic. My room mate sat on it and first thing he noticed was the seating position was complete oposites. But far as riding goes, any thing he should be aware of?
I'm going from a Fat Boy to a TL. I'll post up a riding impression and review in the coming weeks.
...from v-star to sportbike..

....holy transformation Batman!! LOL.......seriously though, expect the sportbike to accelerate MUCH faster, steer better, brake WAY better, etc, someone already said.........a night and day difference. He better take it easy at first 'cause he may find himself way over his head initally. If he respects the characteristics of a sportbike and resists the urge to twist the right grip too much.......he should do ok. I can't stress enough though about the superior braking and quick handling though....he'll find himself in another lane or washing out the front from too much ft brake if he isn't careful. Not trying to scare anybody, it's just from my experiences is all. I certainly would not like to hear someone becoming another statistic with a new sportbike........:)
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