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Today's ride

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Dwigt and I had another good ride today. Went out for about 2 hours. First we hit Metro Airport and rode through the tunnels down there. That was friggin' awesome, and if the terror alert is raised this afternoon, you'll know why :laughing. Then we rode through a metropark and then stopped at Bailey's and had a beer. Good times. :thumb Wish some more of you could have made it :shrug, but I think that it'll have to wait 'til next year now, as this is probably the last time I'll be pullin' the bike out. Weather man says it's gonna get cold, and stay cold. :(
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Good ride today. :thumb
Metro definately went code red while we were there. :laughing

On the way back from Baileys, saw a couple of other peeps out. RC51 and a Honda F?
Really not to bad out, and it was nice of the rain to hold off. :)

Looks like this year is going to be like last year. I rode in every month but February. I just can't wait for winter to be over, and its barley just begun. Oh well, I guess thats why God made beer....:toast
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