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See Tourmaster gear at

I just got back from a 250 mile trip on my TT600.

I got my tank bag a few weeks ago and had only used the small bag until this recent trip.

I used the large bag only this trip.


Small Bag- Nice low profile expanded or not. Good soft thick interior, I don't think you would have to worry about anything in your bag damaging your tank through the bottom of the bag and through the magnetic pad portion.

Pros: Durable material, doesn't feel cheap. Good strong zippers. Firm map pocket keeps map flat and readable.

Cons: No external small pockets for toll money etc.

Big Bag: Tons of room. I fit a pair of Doc Martens, two pairs of socks, two pairs of boxers, three shirts, a pair of pants, a small towel, an extra pair of gloves, and a hat in the large compartment with room to spare. There are long pockets on the left and right which both hold a good deal of stuff with easy access. There is a pocket on the very front (triple tree end) that could easily hold 6 packs of smokes (Didn't bring that many though silly). There is also a combo compartment on the pelvis side.

Pros: Durable material. Holds a good amount of stuff while keeping your gauges visible. Good height for lean-to-relax cruising. Easy to get into side and main compartments.

Cons: Pelvis side compartment kind of a pain to get to cause you have to lift the main comparment zipper cover flap up to get access to it. Good idea for toll money but not accessible in reality easily.

Well I "think" that covers the basics.


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Greco Gixxer, thanks for the tip. Original post is now edited to include link to Tourmaster and a picture of the product.

Also, The two that my friend and I bought (at two different dealers) both came with the rain cover. The tag on the bag also listed the rain cover as included.

I mention this because prior internet shopping always had the rain cover listed as a separate item available for an extra charge. Maybe Tourmaster started including it since then, or maybe companies were just separating it and charging extra for it, just FYI.

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I'll back this up. I bought the TriBag last Spring and I dig it. I have the strap mount base because the tank is plastic. The bags attach via two zippers down either side of the mounting base. On mine, the left side zipper is a pain in the ass to line up and I can see that it will eventually fray and need to be replaced. Otherwise, this is a GREAT TANKBAG SYSTEM.

When I took the trip down to CT, from MA, for the Triumph Across America ride, I stuffed both bags full of stuff and used the rain cover in a downpour. The rain cover kept everything dry. With both bags full and in the upright position ;) I could lean my entire upper body on the bag; I had to peer over the top bag to look down at my guages. It was actually quite comfy.

  • versatility - use the large bag, the small bag, or both attached together!
  • comes with a rain cover and a shoulder strap
  • small bag
    - love all the internal pockets on the inside of the top flap
    - perfect size for carrying most things, probably handles 98% of what I need a tankbag for
    - good sized map pocket
    - expansion zipper to add just a bit more
  • large bag
    - holy moly! what DOESN'T fit into this thing?
    - turns into a backpack
    - small side pockets and a little pocket near the handle, the front pocket is for the rain cover

  • sometimes the zippers are a pain, would be nice if there was some velcro to hold the bag in place while you got the zippers going
  • large bag
    - would be nice if the inside of the top flap had pockets like the small bag

Very small list of cons for this bag system, I REALLY like it.

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Ok, I just got a roll of film developed and found a pic of my TT with the smaller of the two bags on it.

I thought I had taken one with the larger bag on it, but that pic did not show up on this roll...I wonder what happened to that roll.

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