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Trash bags

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Our city in its infinite wisdom has decided to curtail trash service pickup to once a week, with two trash bags max, black bags only, and raise taxes. This means consumers like me can stop buying stuff or end up with lots of trash after the holidays. No more wasteful hobbies. No more leaving tires out at the curb. If its anything more than two properly sealed bags neatly placed at the curb, its all summarily ignored. It piles up for the next week.

So what do you guys do? Get bigger 150 gallon trash bags? Start the fireplace and recycle the goods into heat? Make a new city dump in someone's yard you don't like? Take the old potato cannon out and launch it across the rooftops? Build a bigger trebuchet? Throw the old tires around a photo radar and light a match? Make sculptures and call it art? Sell it on ebay?
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wait after a few months of that shit it will change.
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Truck the excess to the waste depot myself :shrug
Put out two trash bags full of lead. Make the fockers earn their pay. :j/k
That's how it is at my mom's house. She has to pay extra and buy a sticker to put onto the extra bags or bullshit trash.
We have a Pay As You Throw system. We have to use certain bags that the city provides to us. We can get them locally (the city is only 4 square miles and several stores carry the bags). From our City website:
"Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) refuse bags (required for the collection of garbage and loose trash at residences that are serviced by scooters) are available for purchase at the locations listed below. Including sales tax, a pack of 10 33-gallon (blue) bags costs $10.12, a pack of 10 15-gallon (yellow) bags costs $5.08 and a pack of 10 8-gallon (green) bags costs $3.05. The price of bags includes the cost of disposing of the bag filled with refuse in a landfill; the wholesale cost of the bag, and state sales tax."
It sucks! We do recycle a lot more now (they pick up recycle items from our yard as well as long as they are in the required bins) but damned if the trash bags are of the LOWEST quality and rip all the time!
Yeah, I like Gaffs idea. Just leave the shit out there and they'll get the hint!
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You think once-a-week pickup is not enough?
I could see big-city downtowns needing more, but why would your average town or suburb need more
Oh yeah and for the record ours is once a week too. We have 3 trash cans outside just incase we have an overflow.

Homeslice, I don't think once a week is horrible but only TWO BAGS? Sometimes if we have a party or something we definitely have more than two bags :(
Wow, that sucks. Time to rock the vote, baby.

And find a local business with an unlocked dumpster behind it.

two trash bags, once a week. :rolleyes this is what happens when the government gives itself a monopoly on what should be a market of competitors.
Maybe they are trying to encourage people to recycle?? Do they have a seperate pick up for that?

Or maybe they are just assholes. :shrug
once a week. tuesday for us.....and a two bag limit, another bag will cost you a 1dollar yellow sticker. and no stiker, no pictup, they leave a green tag on it with some shit written on it, i'd rather them take it and just bill me the buck, with three kids it's almost impossible to git it down to two 33 gal bags......neibors are old. they usally just have one bag. been know to loose a bag over there way.....
Find out where the city mgr/mayor lives and drop it off there at 3am. Maybe if enough people do the same he'll get the hint.

Once a week is normal for most cities. But telling you that you can only use BLACK bags and only 2 max? Fuck that. They want a certain color bag, they can supply them to everyone for free.
lanispet said:
Wow, that sucks. Time to rock the vote, baby.

And find a local business with an unlocked dumpster behind it.

Yea Im with the rockin of the vote too
but till then find a dumpster but I would bring bolt cutters for the locks
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