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(edit- stolen from another board which was stolen from another which was stolen fromt he cmra board, so yall have probably already seen it)

Twas the race before Christmas and all over the track
Each rider was preparing to make his attack.
The tires had been warmed by the pit crew with care
With hopes that none of them would run out of air.

The riders were mounted all snug on their seats
Where visions of checked flags looked mighty sweet.

When out of the infield there rose such a clatter
The crowd sprang to their feet to see what was the matter.
What sight met their wondering eyes as they rose
Twas Aaron Yates punching somebody in the nose.

With eyes like the eagles off the stands they came
Then turned on their ignitions as the announcer called them by name
"On Acree! On Higbee! On Pridmore and May! On DiSalvo! On Hacking,
Nakashima and Hayes!"

More rapid than lightnig down the start straight they flew
For a sack full of cash and the AMA title too.
Then in a blink of an eye and a big puff of smoke
Zemke's season was over when the Erion Honda broke.

Then Mat Mladin flew by in a flash
While E Boz had a hole in the cooler and Bucky a crash.
Then all at once with a rush and a roar
There came a new bike they had not seen before.

From fender to tail it was painted all red
North Pole Toy Co. was the sponsor they read.
With a little old rider so lively and quick
They all said at once, "Hey, this dude is sick"

"A geezer like that shouldn't be riding here!
And why does his crew all have pointed ears?"
He then made a pit stop that went by kinda slow
For the old fellow stopped at each pit in a row

He wasted no time, but left gas and oil
A new set of tires and tools for their toil.
He asked no endorsement, demanded no fee
And then left the pits doing a stand up wheelie.

Luddington got on the com and said "Hey Miguel...
Want to chew him up now, or save him for later?"
Duhamel spoke not a word, but went straight to his work
He gave him an elbow, then T-boned the jerk.

But the old guy escaped with a zig and a zag
And crossed the finish line, nipping him right at the flag.
The old man rode straight on up to victory lane
Grabbed up the trophy and drank some champagne.

He thanked all his sponcers and took the cash too
Stole a kiss from Natalie Jackson, and then off he flew
As he sped out of sight, one last cry did they hear.
"Merry Christmas to all, better luck next year"

by Chase Vivion
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