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V-Max__The only real power cruiser

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Nothing like a little controversy to get the discussions rolling. Lets hear it.
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I will actually agree with ya on this one. Mr. Max is the original and still a bad ass.
Who could possible argue with that statement?
MD_Vmax said:
Who could possible argue with that statement?

Woooaaa sweet(2 new members)!! welcome :dance4

and another yammi fan WohOo :D

:D I can't disagree w/ that statment at all.
VMAX forever
Great minds think alike.
A few months ago I let my daughters boyfriend ride my 97 VMAX(he had never heard of them before he met me). When he came back all he could say was Holy $%@# that's a fast bike! He came from a Harley family and owned a 99 'hot' 1200 Sportster that he loved. 2 weeks later, the Sportster was traded in for a 03 VMAX. He's now my son-in-law, the VMAX has 2500+ miles on it, and the rear tire is getting thin.

Last weekend he rode his Dad's Heritage Twin Cam 88. His comments were 'pretty bike, but what a DOG!' Another convert.
Good job Cam. Did you ever see this?

It's a great link for all Hardley fans.
New member

I've just joined the group here. I noticed there is a few Max Heads over here. Glad to see it....

I do enjoy reading almost anything related to the Max. I be popping in and out to see how much is happening here. Hope to see many more Maxers in this forum soon.
Re: New member

Cannon said:
I've just joined the group here. I noticed there is a few Max Heads over here. Glad to see it....

I do enjoy reading almost anything related to the Max. I be popping in and out to see how much is happening here. Hope to see many more Maxers in this forum soon.
So are we! If you know any other riders, tell them to stop by!

Welcome to the site!
Just wanted to welcome all the new V-Max visitors to the site. We also have a forum for the VMOA you can visit by clicking the link at the top of the Metric Cruiser forum. Please spread the word so we can get the discussions rolling.
I will try.

Thanks for the welcome, it's nice to be here.

Here is pic I'm going to use - since I don't own a Max yet.
If we can get more ppl to show off thier bikes, it might create more of an interest.

It is was a little different than linking. But as you can see it works.

I like the pic.

I have finally found a place where other V-Max owners are!! Just bought mine two weeks ago, a 2001 Carbon V-Max with 2900 miles. Yes, it is quite a monster!! :redcreep I will be a regular around here for sure!!

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Hey Monstamax,
Congrats on the new ride! Be careful out there. This year a lot of very good riders have gone down. Some of them involved w/ cars, some high speed, and some slippery roads.

What kinds of mods are you planning to do on the bike? Be very careful w/ the forks, especially w/ the air you put in them. Don't use a gas station compressor, after 14 psi(check the manual on this), the front seals will blow and there will be fork oil leaking on the brake pads. If you have any wobbles at any speed be very careful, you will have to inspect the front fork bearings and races and properly torque the steering stem nut. Lots of stuff to do to the bike. The 2 best things I did was put on an after market fork brace and install racetech springs and emulators in my forks. It made the handling much better. The bike has plenty of speed, but suffers in the handling department.

You may already know all this stuff. I know I did because I did a lot of research and reading on all the vmax lists on line way before I bought mine.

That's a great pic of you bike! You are going to have a lot of fun w/ it.

Take Care,
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Thanks vmaxearl!

I did the same thing, with researching the V-Max before I bought it. I read so much stuff about it online and what other owners have done to theirs. Honestly, I don't plan on making a lot of modifications to it. I have thought about the fork brace, but I really haven't noticed much of a wobble yet. I didn't buy my bike to race or drag, and get cracked up when people tell me that I need to make it....."faster!!!" It's way more bike than I can handle anyway! I did plan on putting on a stage 1 jet kit, new air filters and I'm looking for some nice slip ons for the exhaust. Not much for performance, but I also want to put on the small fairing just for looks. I may end up doing some more stuff down the road, but right now I'm happy with the way it is. It's been my dream bike since about 1990, and it's already everything I've wanted.

As for the title of this thread, well, the Max has been the King of power cruisers for years, but I think other bikes makers are starting to try and follow the V-Max success. The HD V Rod for instance. I haven't checked the specs, but I've heard it's a mean machine, and it is quite a nice looking bike. Still, it's twice the price and it's STILL a Harley.
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Was the V-Max the original power cruiser, or was it the Kawi ZL900 Eliminator. I know the ZL came out in 1985 but I dont remember about the Yammie. No doubt the Yammie had the nuts over the ZL. Both had pretty unique styling. I remember in 1985 they did a top speed test with the 900 Ninja and a V-Max. The 900 beat it on top end but only by a few tenths of a mph. The V-Max has always had a very good engine. I saw a supercharged one here in a town several years ago. Very kewl!!!
The Vmax also came out in 1985:D :D

That's right Warlord, the V-Max also came out in 1985. I remember seeing both of them, and at the time, actually liked the Eliminator better!! I don't think many people were ready for the look of the V-Max yet. It was SO different with those air scoops. I think once people started seeing one around, they became more popular. Now they are just damn good looking bikes. I wish Yamaha would continue to make them every year.
Honda came out with the V65 Magna in 1983 and that may have been the start of the POWER CRUIZER:badass

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