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valentine 1

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For those of you that have these, what is the ideal settings you have found for bogey searching. I just got one for Christmas and have not really red the book yet and I tested it on the way home and I got mad signals... tired of that real quick! I just wanna know where the popos' are. Any help would be great.
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hey bro I was on 50th in udistrict the other day, right next to the freeway at a stoplight... Was last night actually and saw a bike go by... was it you?
I just leave it at the most filtered setting -- I think it's the big L. It filters out most signals.

Hold the volume button down and it will change settings.
Sure full Logic filters the most but it cuts the range dramatically. I only use that say in downtown Seattle. use the small L for normal commuting around here but if you are going to play turn off the logic.

The display gives you enough info to determine whether the radar being picked is athreat or not. (the number of sources is 2 almost always means you are picking up a store automatic doors)

PS I have been using the V1 for about 10 years now.
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