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I have a 82 kz550
clubman bars, 610 wiseco big bore kit, dyna jet stage 3,
V&H ignition advancer, two bros. exhaust, Uni air filters,
sun star sprockets, lockhart oil cooler, lock hart carbon blinkers,
works springs, polished lips and foot pegs, painted kawi green.

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I have a 72 CB350-4 taking up garage space at a friend of mines' as I've officially run out of space . Vandal got me going on a vintage cafe racer trip and I've still never done anything with it . One of the guys on the Hawklist ( his site's ) told me that I really shouldn't chop mine up since its in good shape but winter here is long and boring ;)
My plan is : red frame , silver bodywork comprised of Airtech vintage bumstop and 900SS fairing with some loudassed Jemco pipes :creep
FWIW , my definition of vintage is 20 years old + . WERA V7 ain't vintage IMO but thats another issue .

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1976 Kawaski Kz 900. :eek: Original owner...just restored this summer.

Morris Mags
Pirrelli tires
Hand made 4 into 1 equal lenth header, with kerker megaphone modified to accept late model Vance +Hines baffle.
Rearset pegs with custom made shift and brake linkage.
Dual drilled front discs with polished calipers, braided lines, with Yamaha FZ-1 Master cylinder.
Lockhart drilled cast iron rear rotor with R-1 caliper.
Honda tail light.
Powder coated black frame
Custom Cafe style seat on stock seat base.
Silver R-1 Paint
Euro bars
Aluminum bar ends.
Polished Alternator cover, Sprocket cover, cam cover, point housing, point cover, clutch cover, and kicstart cover.
Bead blasted and clearcoated engine cases and carbs.
New rings, pins, and hone. Stock bore.
Tapered Timpken head bearings.
Cafe chopped front fender.

That's all i can remember.

Oh and Accel coils and wires
ZRX rear shocks with progressive springs. {not in photos}

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Re: Pics

CanyonDancer said:
Joel, yes i do have a lot of pics......but don't know how to post them. If my buddy Roadrashed is reading this.....maybe he can post them for me from the Yamaha FZ-1 site.

Bob H
Here you go. :) These are just a few of the shots that are there.


(Not sure why they aren't posting here........I have the [I M G], [/I M G] around the addresses. Oh well...just click on em).

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It's just a little ol' 1984 Kawasaki 750 Turbo. It's *cough* 100% stock *cough*. Wanna race? If you do let me know and I'll let you know when it's running!:D

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OK you had to ask

57 Royal Enfield Trailblazer
59 Enfield Indian Chief
67 BSA Chopper
69 Triumph Chopper (sold)
74 Norton Commando (sold)
76 Kawi KZ900 (sold)
80 Kawi KZ1000 LTD (sold)

I like the classics

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It is a Sickness

71 Yamaha AT1 125cc Enduro
74 Yamaha DT 360cc Enduro
74 Bultaco M121 360cc Dirt Bike
80 Honda CB750F (Trying to Sell it)
93 Honda VFR750F

Okay, the last one isn't vintage but I wanted to show how many bikes I have. I DON"T Have a Garage!!! Or a driveway!!! My wife is less than pleased with me...

AT1 leaning on back of house. DT360 in boxes in basement. CB750 and VFR750 on sidewalk in front of house. Bultaco hidden in friend's garage cuz the wife doesn't know about it.

All visitors to my house must walk around bikes through the yard... :) I am "THAT GUY" killing the property values in my neighborhood...

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