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Want more power out of your 750?

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Take the intake cam, put it on the exhaust side. Go to ebay, buy a GSXR 1000 intake cam, put it on the intake side of your 750. They'll need degreeing and adjustable cam gears, but good for at least 10 hp.
have done it to two different bikes. It works. Both bikes dynoed 120-123 before the mod.
A few weeks later they dynoed at 133-134... There is another guy on the board that done it too. He started with 120hp and after 133 with no air to fuel changes..The bike will need remapped after...These where all slipon bikes!
The first one that I did, he ended up putting a Ti-force full system on. It's making 136.7hp now and he won a dyno shoot out at mid ohio last year. he was 10hp over everyone else!
He run 10.12 in the 1/4 mile with stock wheelbase,full system, lowerd, strapped...
10.28 with the slip on
a pro ride has riden it with the slip on and he went 9.93.

The exhaust cams are way under lifted on the Suzukis..Any engine builder will tell you that the Busas exhaust cam is too small...The 750 has even a smaller exhaust cam then the Busa.
The 750's intake is close to the 1000's.. Here is what the bikes got.

Busa intake .345 lift.........exhaust .296 lift
1000 intake .348 lift ........exhaust .315 lift
750 intake .340 lift..........exhaust .287 lift

if you do the mod would will be increassing the exhaust lift by .053, that's going to do some thing! The same mod on a 1000(what the 1000 guys do) you only increass the lift of the exhaust by .025 and they get about 6hp from useing the 750 intake on the exhaust side..
On a 750 you are dubbleing that.
Any 1000 intake cam will work....Where you going to degree them at??
You will have to get adjustable sprockets for the cams and have them pressed on, then you will have to degree them in. Try 107 intake 108 exhaust....
You can't just put them in without degreeing them. It doesn't work like that..If you do that, most likly you will be smacking valves
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that is a common swap for the 1k as well. its a good swap for drag racers. you lose all of your bottom end doing that. i wouldnt do it for a street bike.
we can turbo it!!!!!
pump gas all day long
180hp on up from a 750
This is the kind of info I love to see. Thanks for the tips...even though I dont' have a 750...someday I might.
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