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Waste of two awesome bikes

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Bike 1: Yamaha R6

My buddy has an 01 TLR, I was walking to a movie on campus, about half a mile, so he offers me a ride, and I’m not going to pass up a ride on a TLR. I get on, love his bike, so does my room mate by the way who is selling his VStar 1100 to buy one, so if any one known any TLs for sale for under 5.5K tell me. Any case I see an new R6, looked cool. The next day I see the same R6. First thing I noticed was sliders, when I get up close, I see the bike was dropped on both friggin sides. Probably first bike, all in all it was alright, not as bad as bike two. :(

Bike 2: 99 Ducati 750SS Full faring

This bike belongs to a guy I know, it was red, he painted it yellow, looks like crap. No Ducati stickers just a school bus yellow paint job. Any case he dropped the bike on both sides, so the yellow paint is gone and large chunks of red is showing. He also tried to do an endo, lost it and broke the front wind shield and dented the gas tank. He tells me the bike was knocked over by the wind, :rolleyes: yea right. Looks like a shark friggin bit the front windshield. They decide to touch it up a little, they use some yellow paint, then they put the cover back on, guess what, when they took the cover off, :confused smeered yellow paint. I would never treat a bike like that, I dont even treat my car like that.
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How are they a waste? maybe those guys had bad luck, but they are still ridding.
Your right on the R6, I wasn't fair on the R6. But the guy with the Ducati, I know him personaly. Its like people that buy a nice car and just dont take care of it and just let it go to waste thats how I see the Ducati as.
I was up at the Suzuki shop the other day and two guys on Busa's pull up, no gear, shorts..etc. Revving their engines, looking very cool and all.

Busa #1 was painted snakeskin neon-orange, chromed out etc. Now that was bad enough but Busa #2 was painted green...upon closer inspection the green was actually dollar bills and gold coins. It had the words Cash Money painted on it twice, and extended chrome swingarm and chrome rims that the salesman said were not capable of handling the power of a Busa...:rolleyes:
I guess it's up to the owner, eh...if they want to hamper their bikes peformance for looks...but i'm with you, thats just stupid.:mad:
Who the fuck cares man? There bikes not yours. Besides which bikes were made for riding, not posing, so who cares how they look.
James said:
Who the fuck cares man? There bikes not yours. Besides which bikes were made for riding, not posing, so who cares how they look.
hey relax there buddy he's just stating that two guys havent taken good care of their bikes.
i hope people dont think my bike is a waste when they see a grounded down framslider and bar-end from a lowside :( :( :(
Dropping a bike sucks, but it happens to the best of us. Its usually during the time you'd never expect it to happen. Just wait til you get your bike gixdreaming....its alot easier to drop one than you think. :(

As for the Duc guy.... I agree with someone that doesnt take care of their stuff. But all you can say is 'its a shame, and at least its not mine'..... :shrug
I have seen some bikes and worked on bikes that look like hell but are maintained at the highest level and that is what counts. a bike is meant to be ridden and sometimes shit happens where the bike taste the asphalt.
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