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Cruizer said:
You can't give a basterdizer a Mod position! That totally defeats the purpose! :p
:twofinger Hey you're supposed to be on my side :redflip

Thanks to you and your suggestion on the new forums suggestion area :thumb

Now you just need to go back in thar and suggest yourself as the mod ;)
Well as many posts or just one really really long thread we've had in the past, it would be easier to have our own. wooohoo :D

wow first they make anyone a mod. now they give you a forum to hang out in
Just the fact that they made you a mod SHOWS that they'll make anyone a mod :laughing :twofinger

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I was bored, so I dug up this thread:shrug

The first IN forum post:D

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Dude, I was like what the heck? Then I figured it out. "I got to get back in time! Duu-Duu-Du."
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