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Welcome to riders gear. The fact that you are in this forum says a lot. To me it means you are serious about not only having a nice bike, but protecting yourself while you are on it. Good gear doesn't have to break the bank. By doing some shopping you can find some pretty good deals. Let's hear what all you guys are gearing up in.

I have two types of gear. One for casual rides like when I am on the "Rex" and full leather for more serious stuff on the CBR954. Gear lists includes but not limited to:

Teknic Chicane two piece
Sidi Vertebra boots
Joe Rocket gloves
Alpinestar gloves
Leather pants
Joe Rocket jacket
Shoei helmet
Heavy leather m/c jacket

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I have:
  • Teknic Chicane 1pc leathers
  • Teknic Violater II gloves
  • Alpinestar SMX boots
  • Arai Quantum/f Fujiwara helmet
  • Teknic 7 plate backprotector
  • Mad riding skillz - :D :hail

I never leave home without any of it either. :D :twofinger

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Radio Flyer said:
Did you have that with you last time we rode together?:confused
Sure did! If I remember correctly, TECHNICALLY, you never passed me! :D :laughing :)

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Dr.Dover said:
Hey Brian that was b/c Steve was takin it easy;)
Yeah and I let him 'start' ahead of me so he 'wouldnt' pass me. :laughing :D

Ok..... sorry I basterdized your thread Avery. :D

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Mine for now... Updated to Vanson full suit very soon. ;)

First Gear S-Pilot 2000 jacket
First Gear Flightline pants
Sidi Vertebrae Chromo's
Teknic Speedstar gloves
Arai Quantum f helmet

I would like something more comfortable for touring, but with the Vanson I'll have to make do with the First Gear stuff being relegated to that and cold weather riding. :D

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Brian F4i said:
Yeah and I let him 'start' ahead of me so he 'wouldnt' pass me. :laughing :D

Ok..... sorry I basterdized your thread Avery. :D long as we are talking about riding it's all good! :draggin

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Shoei Helemt RF-900 Duhamel (black & Silver one)
Joe Rocket Phoneix Jacket
Joe Rocket Blaster Jacket
Joe Rocket Jeans
Tour Master Race Edition gloves.

currently looking for a good set of boots.

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Hey, the threads only been laying around for a week... what the hell, I'm bored. Most of this was listed in the "track gear" thread, but not all of it so I'll throw the whole closet out there.

Helmets: Arai Signet and two AGV Argons (one matches the bike, one I just liked, both were cheap).

Gloves: Teknic Violators, Dannisport Carbon Summer ($60 and not so heavy as the Violators, good for less-than-track riding), and some fully perfed "hope-I-don't-fall-in-them" gloves for hot Florida commuting.

Leather/jackets: AGV Storm two piece suit (for "high risk" riding), Teknic Supervent (for hot weather), JR Meteor (for the cold), JR Phoenix (a friend is using it... someday I might squeeze some money out of him for it).

Boots Hein Gericke (real boots) and AGV (around town boots).

I need to get some pants to wear around town, besides jeans.

All this gear has been purchased on closeout as cheap as I could get, being an unemployed student. The entire collection comes up to $1160 plus tax and shipping. I don't think that's too bad considering *nice* leathers would cost that much! (The Arai was given to me, which makes a big dent in the cost! :))

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I love bike gear, I've got plenty of it too.

Arai Quantum/F Okada
Shoei RF-900 Duhamel
HJC CL-10 (old spare helmet)

2 Joe Rocket Phoenix (Old style and new style)
Joe Rocket 88 (with add-on armor)
Frank Thomas Talon

2 pairs AGV (I forget the model name)
1 pair Tecknic Violator Pro

Frank Thomas 2 piece "Extreme Tour"

Joe Rocket Phoenix

Sidi Race Verts

I'd like to add a real nice 1 piece suit, another pair of gloves, and some heavy boots that are more casual than the Sidis

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Arai Quantum/f
Teknic Violator II gloves
Alpinestars S-MX Gore-Tex
Triumph Race jacket(full perf and silver in color)
Triumph perf Race leather pants
Joe Rocket Rhino jacket
Teknic Enforcer gloves(last gen with the carbon fiber knuckles, but waterproof)
Sidi Strada boots
Joe Rocket Ballistic 3.0 pants
Joe Rocket Ballistic jacket(first gen)
Bohn Pro Race back protector

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So, how do you like those carbon pro gloves? I've always been a big AGV glove fan, but the Teknics were on sale for $70 so I got those instead.
Love them. They been through snow, rain, and every other damn element that MI and FL have thrown at them. They still are soft and comfortable as hell.

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Teknic chicane 1 piece
Teknic gloves (old violator I think)
Teknic 7 plate back protector
Arai Q/F
HJC Cl10
JR speedmaster jacket
JR speedmater pants
sidi vertII boots
Fieldsheer MachII jacket

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Teknic Violator 2 Pro gloves (on closeout from
Teknic Violator Jacket
Motoport Ultra II cordura pants
Sidi Vertebrae boots

Coming soon...
New helmet (see Help! I need a new helmet)
Teknic Hard Cup elbow armor
Teknic Knox TP/2 shoulder and back armor
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