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Welcome to the naked/supermotard forum!

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Welcome to the naked forum!

Welcome all to the naked froum!

So the naked froum is here and it's for those of us that don't quite care for the full plastic of a sport bike, but want the performance and a different look at the same time. This place is for all of you or anybody that's curious about switching over to a naked/semi-naked/streetfighter/supermotard type machine. A lot of the better beginner bikes fall into this category so be sure to welcome the new gals/guys just as you would anybody else.

As the board rules state, no brand bashing will be tolerated. Some of us have very strong loyalties to our machines or brand and that's fine, innocent "joking" is one thing, but we are all adults (most of us are anyway :D ) Also, please refrain from posting any nudie pictues, even though this is the naked forum.

Be sure to post up your review in the bike reviews thread at the top of this area so that the rest of us can get a better idea of what other bikes are like.

One new thing, we've recently added SuperMotard Bikes into this froum. If you've not ridden one yet, you're really missing out on a really fun riding experience.

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions; don't hesitate to email or PM me, that's what I'm here for! :thumb
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Y'know how your title reads "Naked Moderator"?

Now that this forum's name is "Naked / SuperMotard" forum,
will your title now read: "Naked & SuperMotarded Moderator"? :redflip :laughing :redflip
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