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Hey guys, just a quick welcome for everyone, new and old. Everyone sign in and get this place moving!

Just a couple of quick things to go over....

This is the place to talk about our Yamaha sportbikes. Lets all try and keep it as on topic as possible in here ;)

As the board rules state, no brand bashing will be tolerated. Innocent "joking" is one thing, but we are all adults (well, most of us are anyway :D ) There is no need to get out of hand with this.

Make sure you've read the rules for the board Here if you havn't already done so.

If you have any questions or concerns about this sub-forum, don't hesitate to PM me..

Last, but not least...lets have some fun in here!:drummer

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IcEyZf said:
Get to work slacker!:badass
Were in a tie with Posts against Honda!:devilfing :p
Can't have that! :twofinger

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finally made it...

I'm finally here. Don't have all my gizmos entered yet; however, I should be setup shortly.

Also, keep me in mind if the site ever needs any Linux server help. I'm a Unix Administrator by day and YZF rider by night. Let me know if I can help out in anyway possible.

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Hey guys...just another yamaha rider. I didn't realise there were so many Thundercat riders about....nice bike Icey...did you steal it from my garage? <goes to look>:laughing
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