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West Side Riders

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Hey, any riders from the west side of Atlanta (Douglasville or along I-20)? Just trying to get some leads on riders over there. We're trying to bring out a new friend from the west side to come ride with us but she's a lil adamant about making the trek by herself to this side of town. Perhaps she can hook up with yall. We're also planning on making a trip over there one of these days and perhaps ride into AL and do Cheaha State Park. So, westsiders, where ya at?
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Kind of...

We live in Woodstock but I'm in the Douglasville area almost every weekend - we used to live there, and my inlaws still do.

If the weather is nice Saturday and/or Sunday, I'll be riding out that way...anytime you want to hook up, let me know.
I live in Newnan and I am quite often in the Carrollton area, so yeah, you know I'm over there Marge!
Yep, definitely BORED!!

10 million bike parts to whoever can guess who I was talking about above. Oops, wrong board.. scratch the bike parts :D
Ah come on. Someone guess!
Just moved to Douglasville from Pensacola, Fl. last week. Have been looking for some people to ride with and a club to join. The group I rode with down there met every Tuesday night and on Sundays. If the weather holds up tomorrow or Sunday I will be out all day looking for riders. Please feel free to give me a call if you would like to ride. My contact information is below. Look forward to talking with you guys and gals soon. Take care.

Stuart Whitman
Home # 678-715-8769
Cell # will have it next week.
AznSportbiker73 said:
Ah come on. Someone guess!
Dang Reece, Steph wasnt around in 2002! LOL try again! She was a bit scared riding that distance at night back then.

LOL thanks for keeping me company around here. I tried dusting off the cobwebs.
Reece, you there? It was Sarah (Notorious S), by the way ;)
Holy crap, I just saw when this post was started from! Wow, that was Sarah! I think I met her not long after this post. Of course she went right into racing and that was it!

It's kind of funny to think of Sarah afraid of riding out to Atlanta by herself!
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