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What is the fastest you've gone? (New start on an old thread)

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Hey guys, I remember this thread from the Performance forums on SBN, and thought it would be interesting to see again on CF.

I'm not too crazy; I got my CBR F3 up to ~130 for about a half-second before I backed down and went back to sane speeds. Was quite a rush though!
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94 zx9r w/ stock jetting. Haven't tried on the new one yet. :D :D :D
Maybe a pic would help...
130 myself. I'm still to green to be going 200...:D
162mph indicated. Bike had more I didn't
I hit an indicated 150 the other day on the way home from work at about 2:00 A.M. Nothing but long strait 3 lane hwy. and I nailed it. I'm not much on speed though and it will prolly be a long long time before I hit those speeds again.:)
180 indicated on a 99ZX7R with only a Hindle pipe modification
I had the good ol 6e up to 145ish.. I'm not really sure I looked down after I rolled off the gas and saw 145.. so maybe 150 indicated of course.
I saw 182 on the gixxer thou don't know if it had more b/c a corner was approaching.Don't know what that actually is since everyone says the speedos are off.
Stock Speedo indicated 165

Digital properly calibrated stated 153

I know she had more but I was coming into Turn 1 Road America.

Never went THAT fast on the street :rolleyes:
175 on the RC stock geared.
165 indicated

still had more to go

148mph indicated and still going .. on the front straight at Road America.
172 indicated on 750 with new motor
185 indicated on modded busa
155 indicated on zx7r

160 on the display. I wussed out and let off. Not going to top it out until I get a damper! My top fairing/DB screen was wobbling so bad I thought it was going to slap me! It could use a brace.
165 and bouncing off the rev limmiter.... In the cage :D

130ish on the bike.
1 - 20 of 338 Posts
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