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Every time i go to buffalo i see this pb track off to the right(north of rt90)

this is the track i would like to race this year, but i cant find there phone number.

I would realy like to race my Ex-Volt1500 ther this season! couse it is so close

there is a gocart(racing) track in Avon ny south of rochetster too, but i dont know if they race pocket bike also.

if any one could give me me some phone numbers to call so i dont look like a fool with my electric bike this season when i show up and all they to say is" sorry, aint no class for you to race in!" Ireally want to prove my self and really race! and with no contact numbers any were it looks grim for me and my promises to my self.

i think ther are 4 track around Rochester ny
cant find no info on any thogh!:(
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