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Who's the king (or queen) of mods? :D I don't even come close but here are mine.

2001 Red/Black CBR929
o V2 Speedscreen
o LP Flushmount Clear Side Markers
o ProGrip Clear Tank Protection
o Hotbodies Racing Undertail
o Clear Alternatives Rear Lenses
o Turn Signal Integrator
o NWS Rear Tire Hugger
o Jardine RT One Race Baffle Exhaust
o Power Commander
o Intuitive Frame Sliders
o Honda Black Tail Decals (originals are white)

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Leaving lots of stuff out , but for the most part :

frame and swingarm = 88 Hawk GT JH2RC31XXXXX075

forks : CBR 600F3 , revalved and resprung by Traxxion Dynamics
front brakes : Nissin 5/8 m/c , Russell lines , 900RR calipers and rotors with EBC HH pads on 3.5X17 Marchesini , Toby damper

clocks : GSXR tach ( stock tach doesn't register high enough) , Sigma speedo ( no speedo drive ) and OEM oil and neutral lights mounted on custom billet piece of No Parking sign .

rear brakes : rear line run through swingarm ( SSSA's are hollow , drill a hole and the line is hidden )

controls : Bangarang 2 piece billet clipons , CFM rearsets

driveline: Big Dick Technologies ( yes , they really do make Hawk GT parts ) chain roller , AFAM 520 sprockets , DID Xring gold chain

rear suspension : Fox TC

subframe : was Hawkconnection/Motomorphic but is going to be replaced with a trick billet unit from ( check the site out , I think the same subframe idea would be great for other bikes , especially those who're doing underseat pipes )

back wheel : 5.5 Marchesini with 170/60 D207GP*

bodywork : chopped R1 upper with R6 lights , chopped RC45 seat

motor :JE 1mm over pistons , Ferrea valves , Kibblewhite springs , Two Brother Racing Ti retainers with their +1mm SS valves , heads ported by Street Bike Services , combustion chambers welded up and reprofiled , HRC 10.2 CDI

The race motor the heads formerly lived on is being rebuilt as a slower revving 696cc on a Falicon crank with Carillos this winter .

The whole bike's getting a total rebuild this winter . Not sure what kind of bodywork and other stupid mods I want to try . Any suggestions ?

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93 CBRf2

TrickTape decals
supersport valve job
TrickTape decals
racetech prepped fork
TrickTape decals
Penske 8700 series rear shock
TrickTape decals
F3 rims
TrickTape decals
D207GP/Pilot race tires (depending on day)
TrickTape decals
Multi-tech bodywork
TrickTape decals
frame bracket as much as legally possible removed
TrickTape decals
wire harness 'trimmed' of unnessesary wires
TrickTape decals
safety wired
TrickTape decals
underseat starter button
TrickTape decals

:laughing :laughing

The guy who I bought it from said it weighs around 370-375 now and is supposed to have been dynoed at around 100-106. Just what he told me. I;ve yet to dyno this bike myself.

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Ok lets see now.

LP Flush mounts
Polished lips on rim
Painted Silver Rims
Carbon Brake & Clutch Lever
Carbon Bar Ends
Carbon Frame Sliders
Two Bros. High Mount
ProGrip Tank Protector
K&N Filter
Custom Silver Seat
Eurobike Undertail
Clear Tail Light
Xenon Headlights
Power Commander IIIr
Custom Silver Paint Job
Steel Braided lines
Custom Heel Guards (Took them off though)

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Ok here is my list on my old 1992 CBR F2. Ex road racer / land speed bike and now street commuter... You may have seen it in Motorcycle Consumer News in the land speed articles back in 1996 or other magazines in the late 90's. It has been with me for a long time.. It is still a work in progress.

Fox race shock
LE front forks
Computracked set up: 1 ½ inches higher in the rear and 15 mm lower up front. Frame has also been optimized.

Carbon fiber Parts list: Dash, Rear set heel guards, tank guard, soon a carbon fiber rear sub frame and ... I forget what else.. Oh yea Carbon fiber exhaust cannister on a HRC pipe... and Carbon fiber clipons in Chafong billet mounts.

Titanium: Hardware throughout, titanium nuts bolts and washers,
Titanium shift lever and brake levers and other custom Ti. parts.

Aluminum: hardware where ever they will work. Several billet parts fork cap, swing arm pivot covers and a custom remote brake reservoir cover.
All the motor and frame and wheel spacers are billet machined aluminum.
Vortex billet fuel cap tops off the gas tank

320 mm rotors
Brembo master cyld. Brembo 4 piston calipers.
Light weight titanium rear rotor.
Twin piston billet rear caliper.
Afam 520 chain and sprocket conversion
PM race wheels that have been lightened. Sill looking for Ti hardware for them?
Sharkskinz body work. All light weight quick release fasteners
Projection lights under faring,
Led turn signal indicators in custom carbon fiber dash.
Polished and powder coated generator and clutch covers.
I am sure I am forgetting some stuff here...
Custom paint
HRC stickers

Weight... about 345 pounds wet... I would like to get it down to about 300 or less...

I only get 91 hp out of this motor... Anyone have a pumped up CBR 600 motor they want to sell?
I was thinking about a 900 motor???

I am a motorcycle performance design engineer. The company I work for has a full machine shop we work with aluminum, titanium and I do carbon fiber on the side.

I am looking for a carbon fiber fuel tank and body work, Ti exhaust HRC Cams ignition box or other go fast parts for the motor if anyone has them let me know?

This is not a recent photo...

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No performance mods...yet. Gotta get it on the dyno first, then add the usual (pipe, PCIII, etc.) then back to the dyno.

Here are some of my cosmetic mods:

Cleaned up the rear with some Clear SS V. Also notice I removed the giant pegs on the tail (luggage tie downs) and replaced them with a black phillips screws for a cleaner look. +super white bulbs.

Trick tape lightlidz & flush mounts.

Sliders. I got some new grips, just haven't put them on.

ZG DB! Flimsy at high speeds, wobbies like crazy over 140. But the air pocket is great, especially for tall guys like me.

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Re: Mine

ßlade said:
No performance mods...yet. Gotta get it on the dyno first, then add the usual (pipe, PCIII, etc.) then back to the dyno.
Blade, that 954 looks sweet. That's my favorite color scheme. What kind of Exhaust are you lookin at gettin?

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Thanks, would have gotten the red but my dealer only had Sliver, but I like em both.

Been reseaching....
Hindle has the best bang (HP) for the buck for a full system. But I also like the Micron & Akro but they co$t much more then the Hindle. Still looking for an Akro dyno on the 954.

Check out the comparison dyno of Stock vs Hindle vs Micron vs Arata. The Arata & the Micron have a big dip down low.

954 pipe shootout dyno

Here's a complete view...The Moneyshot!

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VFRDave said:
am i the only one who's never modified their bike? :)
Probably. :p

How long have you had it?

I just did some cosmetic stuff to mine, most of the other stuff was done before I got the bike (it's used), and when I crashed, I just changed the mods that were previously done to it. :D

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Let's start with the 929:

LP V2 Screen smoked
LP iridium flush mount
LP rear carbon short stalk signal lights
Pro grip gel Grips
Pro grip Carbon tank protector
LP aluminum bar ends
Custom White face RPM gauge face
LP aluminum brake fluid cap front and rear
Chopped mudflap
100 watt Super White head lights from TT
Galfer SS brake lines front and back
Intuit Red frames sliders
Gutted air box
K&N air filter
K&N oil filter
Erion drop in cams
Erion Full race system
Paired valve removed
Michellin man on the front fender
Woody wood pecker sticker both sides (from the Gap)
Dragon sticker (from the GAP)
HRC stickers.

The RC:
LP flush mounts
interated rear lights
LP clear rear lens
Pro Grip Carbon tank protector
Chopped mudflap
Scotts Damnper
High Mount SS Hindles
Paired valve Mod (THX ROGUE)
Flapper Mod (THX ROGUE)
Air filter mod (THX ROGUE)
PC3R from Dan Kyle


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Ok, lets see....

L.P. Flushmount blinkers (front)
L.P. Dark Smoke windscreen
Intuitive bar-end and frame sliders
Pro Grips 719 gel grips
Devil Carbon Fiber HM
Devil Carbon Fiber Tank Guard
Devil Seat cowl
Devil GP undertail
Devil Hugger
Scotts Damper
Pro-bolts/Tast Nuts anodized bolts/caps
Corbin Seat
Sigma Computer

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maybe you should have defined mods, when i think mods i think cool stuff, exhausts, bodywork, etc, not stickers and anodized bolts...

but anyway...

my 00 929 has....
complete GMD front fork rebuild, way better performance
whole bike set up for me.
braided lines
custom paint
vortex gas cap
dented tank
"shortened" tail
pro-tek rearsets
uh, i think thats it...
D&D slip-on

my 01 gixxer 750, almost everything has been changed on it...
but its been set up for me by GMD
braided lines
polished frame, swingarm, rear foot pegs
custom paint
vortex gas cap
vortex triple
custom decals/ some tapeworks decals
full micron
PCII replaced with yoshi box remap
dark smoke windscreen
FSMD undertail
libertek intergrated turn signal diamond lights
red gauges
i dunno, i cant name everything anymore...


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F4inj said:
easy with the "bolts" comment :redflip they are not stock,so it is a "modification". and u say stickers shouldnt be included but u got them too....:redflip

hahahahah :redflip is a sticker a mod? hell yea it modified the look of the bike well maybe not, you may be right Ice.:toothy
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