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It's not Rocket appliances.
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espresso said:
That does raise a question... Since a Bandit is nothing but a GSX-R without bodywork, does a new GSX-R meet vintage criteria? Since they are the same bike, without any impromvements except possibly slightly better brakes, does it really matter when it was made?
the bandit uses the old air/oil cooled GSXR motor. A new GSXR has nothing in common with the original GSXR, besides being motorcycles.

Vintage is based on the year it was built. That is how how it is classified. That is why there is no kit cars in vintage racing.

BTW, mine is going to be 17y/o this December, and there is already a retro version in Japan. does that help it qualify early?:D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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