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What tires are you using?

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I appreciate the feedback here. I think if I ask you guys, it will save me a lot of time and will save me from "try this, try that".

What tire do you like best / least for the street?

What tire do you like best / least for the track?

Im on a street prepared '00 R6 for now, but thinking about making it a track bike. I also dont mind having two sets of wheels / tires to swap between street and track etc.

Thanks for the advice! :thumb
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CF's tire review if you haven't looked already --> Tire Talk Section's reviews Personally, I have Michelin H2's on my F4i...;)
Thanks eRacer! :thumb

Just what I was looking for! :D
for the st...Metzler M1's
for the track..Metzler Race Rennsports Supersoft up front/soft out back

~ Tyler
CU'sUltimateR6 said:
for the st...Metzler M1's
for the track..Metzler Race Rennsports Supersoft up front/soft out back

~ Tyler
I'm with him. M1s on my SV and the Rennsports on my CBR. But I run the soft front and rear.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here, is this your first track day? If it is then I wouldn't be too concerned about tyres just yet. Now before you start flaming just hear me out. A good/new set of street tyres will do you just fine your first few track days.

Unless you're running in the fast group the first time I'd be more concerned about working on braking, throttle control and being smooth. Any good street tyre or even sport-touring tyre will do well your first time and you'll find your personal limits before the tyres. 208s, M1s, Pilots, Avon 49/50s will all do very well just play with air pressure a little bit and suspension and get some laps in.

Just a little example have a buddy who took his SV to Little Taladega had Avon Azaro 35/36s and he could'nt get them to slide or break loose at all. This guy is fast and very smooth and had nothing but good things to say about the Avons. He also has put his ZRX1200 on the track with M1s (wanted more stick cause of the hp/weight) and didn't find the limits of those.

This of course is just an opinion with some personal experience so take it for that. If you really want some track day tyres then try 207RRs, Avon Azaro IIIs AV 49/50 Pro, H2s or BT012s, which ever tyre you go with just enjoy and have fun.:clap
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No, this is not my first track day. Although I've done 2 track days on the R6 (one with professional instruction). I raced Formula Fords all over the East Coast - I've been on Willow and Leguna out west.

I'm working to forget everything I've learned about racing formula cars and applying new knowledge to the bike. I have to admit the R6 on the track is 10X what the formula car was! :D

I'm also a chemist, so I know about tire compounds, stick etc. I was just curious what everyone liked to run. :shrug

The street riders out here in CO are big BT10/12 fans. Many of the racers I have talked to like the Dunlop 208GP's.

I'm planning to spend more time on the track next year than the street. Not because I want to "race" per say, I just think its safer and I can focus better on what I am doing without a truck crossing into my lane with his big mirror in my face. :thumb

No such thing as too much information! I appreciate all the input!
Maybe I should be asking you what compounds to use!!!! j/k Sounds to me like you've got everything under control with this. If you're talking/in good with the local racers your ahead of the game, have one or two of them give you some in-sight on what works with set-up and such.
street- Michelin pilot sport
track- renndsport/supercorsa super soft front and soft rear
For the track i have tried most of the race tires and find that i like the feel and warm-up of the Pirelli/metzlers the best.......i use the sc1 front and sc1 or 2 rear for the track......and for the street.....whatever tire is left after a trackday:laughing But the pirellis make the best for street use of the race tires because of their ability to hold heat and heat up quickly within a turn or two compared to the michelin's that would take 3times as long and have alot less grip at below optimum temp.
Rennsports/Pirellis. I've tried everything else, and they're by far better for my bike. Might be different for a different bike.

The Dunlop's and Michelin's are okay.. Never been a big fan of Michelin's long warm up time, plus from personal experience I agree with the works great up to the limit, but suddenly lets go idea that is associated with them. The Dunlop's are too stiff for me.

The Bridgestone 001s blow because they have somewhere around half the life of a Supercorsa. If they had near the same life I'd use them instead, because at least when they're brand new they seem like a better tire than the Pirellis.
I hated the M1's on the track. I am running M2 S2 on my bike right now and love them But then again I use warmers on them and they don't see street time.
208's on my 929 (street)

Metzler Rennsport supersoft front and soft rear on my GSXR (track)
For the street I like D208's
For the track I like Pirelli Dragon slicks or Supercorsas/D208's in the dry/damp. Dragon rains in the wet.
I've used Bridgestone 001s, Michelin M2 and H2, Dunlop D208GP and of the three I'd have to say I liked the Michelin M2s the best. I usually get 2 track days out of a set of tires before I start sliding enough to make me think I am going to get myself into trouble!

I ran the M2s in an andurance race and 3 sprints... by the end of the 2nd sprint they were juiced but still had great feel and allowed me to slide with a certain amount of confidence.

I'm no seasoned rider either, but for track days I also liked the BT001 because they are cheap and had nice predictable traction. I ran an F4i. Next year's racebike is an SV, and I believe we are running on Pirelli DOTs.
Pirelli Diablo for street and track.... I might try the Diablo Corsa's on my next track day... The plain diablos hold up fine even under hard flogging :D
all ive ever run was the sporttech m1s and they perform flawless.
but the only riding i do is street , unfortunately . i rode a friends r6 equipped with diablos and i liked their grip as well . since you can buy one get one free im gonna try them on my bike .:D
Where can you buy the diablos 1 free with one?
jkfr6 said:
Where can you buy the diablos 1 free with one?
You mean this promotion?
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