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What to do with an Old Catholic Convent

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Yikes, this is quite the turn-around. Last week, I wrote about a Church that formed from an old strip club building. Well, I guess the contrary can happen too. :eek

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Old convent gets new calling as brothel in Portugal

A former convent in southern Portugal has been operating as a brothel for the past year, weekly newspaper Tal e Qual reported.

The Catholic Church sold the building in 1834, the town priest told the paper.

Father Manuel Vieira said the current owners of the hilltop convent turned it into a hotel in 2000 but two years later the establishment, located beside a church which still hold regular services, "changed sectors".

The priest said the owners of the brothel have never bothered the faithful who flock to the neighbouring church.

"Those who do not agree with prostitution just have to avoid the location. After all it is just one of six brothels in this town," he said.
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