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[edit] To qualify, you would have to have 'lived' there, not just 'stayed there' (e.g., while at Basic Training, I was at Lawton, OK..I was alive, and there, but didn't 'live' there, per se)


Redmond, WA 1972-1974
Henderson, KY 1974-1974
Spokane, WA 1974-1976
Kent, WA 1976-1978
Renton, WA 1978-1992
Wackernheim/Nackenheim, Germany 1992-1995
Kent, WA 1995-1996
Renton, WA 1996-1997
Waegwon, Korea, 1997-1998
Olympia, WA 1998-1999
Fort Lewis, WA 1999-2000
Bremerton, WA 2000-2003
Puyallup, WA 2003-present

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Born in Philadelphia 1968

Manayunk PA
Rocky Mount N.C.
Philadelphia PA
Bristol PA
Parris Island S.C.
Camp Lejuene N.C.
Los Angeles Cali
Okinawa Japan
New Orleans LA
Philadelphia PA
Bristol Pa (Where I currently live)

Mama's Little Joey
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Chicago as a kid
Elgin Illinois in middle and high school
Moved to Chicago with friends before college on Waveland, across the street from Wrigley
Urbana, Il
Charleston, IL
Carbondale, IL
Estes Park, CO
Aspen, CO
Kenai, Alaska
Anchorage, AK
Fairbanks, AK
Seward, AK
Racine, WI

King of something
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Detroit, MI
Providence RI
Vignola, Modena, Italy
Grafenwohr, Germany
Key West, Florida
Miami Beach, Florida
Detroit, MI
Columbia, SC
Sterling Heights
Fayetteville, NC
Sterling Heights, MI
Fayettville, NC
Gig Harbor, WA
Portland, OR
Sterling Heights, MI
Vinnengen, Germany
Pirmasens, Germany
Monte Vista, CO
Cooper City, FL
Pembroke Pines, FL
Scottsdale, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Tempe, AZ
Ferndale, MI

I'd have to think way to hard to add all the years.

Edit: I really did live all of these places. Not just 'there' for a pre-determined period of time.

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Warren Ohio
Saginaw Michigan
Brigham City Utah
West Palm Beach Florida
San Jose California
Palm Beach Gardens Florida
San Antonio Texas
Wichitia Falls Texas
Warner Robins Georgia
Izmir Turkey
Milpitas California
Geislingen Germany
Sembach Germany
Lakenheath England
Tampa Florida
Valdosta Georgia
Tallahassee Florida
and one of these days I'll settle down .... Maybe !

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omg, lemme see if I can do this: This is gonna take a while.. and I do not have dates..

Philadelphia, PA (born in Abington)
Willow Grove, PA
Southampton, PA
Ardsley, PA
Willow Grove, PA
Ferndale, PA
Revere, PA
Spinnerstown, PA
Quakertown, PA
Mahanoy City, PA
Southampton, PA

Lakeland, FL
Bartow, FL
Lakeland, FL
Tampa, FL
Bartow, FL
Lakeland, FL
Bartow, FL
Brandon, FL
Plant City, FL

Oklahoma City, OK

Holy shit.. thats alot. I'm trying to think if there are more in PA, but I'm drawing a blank.. Those are all the times I can remember moving.. sheesh!

G Junky
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Washington DC
Hyattsville, MD
Upper Marlboro, MD
San Antonio, TX
Biloxi, MS
Witchita Falls, TX
Mt. Pateras, Greece
Grand Forks, ND
Centreville, VA
Haymarket, VA

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Colorado Springs 1977-1979 (0-2yo)
Germany 1979-1983
Aberdine ((SP)-base), Maryland 1983-1985
ATL, Georgia 1985-1987
Ulm, Germany 1987-1990
Manch-vegas, durham, dirrty-dovah, NH 1990-2003

Pretty sure this is my last season here in NH though....thinkin cali, or atleast the south...

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Jacksonville Arkansas
Baton Rouge, LA
Warner Robbins, GA
Lansing, KS
Manhattan, KS
Mesa, AZ
Kansas City, MO
Shawnee, KS

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Born in South Bend, IN

Terre Haute IN
Gaithersburg MD
Silver Spring MD
Terre Haute IN
Sunrise FL
Hollywood FL


Thanks for having us all these years, Rez. Best o
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Born in '71 - Melbourne, Fl
- Eau Gallie, Fl
- Indiana (where?)
- Palm Bay, FL
- Bradenton, FL
- Sarasota, FL
- Sebastian, FL
- Vero Beach, FL
- Tallahassee, FL
- Ft. Lauderdale, FL
- Orlando, FL
- Maitland, FL
- Bayport - Long Island, NY
- Boca Raton, FL
- Las Vegas, NV
- Margate, FL
- Delray Beach, FL

Don't even ask me how many homes/apartments/etc. I've lived in thru my life...gotta be 20+

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I've got you all beat so far for least number of cities.

Born in Youngstown, Ohio 1974 lived there for 6 weeks.
Wadsworth, OH 1974-1995
Doylestown, OH 1995-present

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Elkhart, In
Smithsburg, Md
Sharpsburg, Md
Jarrettsville, Md
Bel Air, Md
Perry Hall, Md
Forest Hill, Md
Havelock, NC
Iwakuni, Japan
Quantico/Woodbridge, Va
Okinawa. Japan
El Cajon, Ca

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I lived on a ship for two years. Retiring and living on a boat would be cool as hell, just going somewhere else whenever you feel like it. But wait, how would you ride? Never mind.

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Minneapolis, MN
Apple Valley, MN
Green Bay, WI
Aspen, Co
Bemidji, MN
Lafayette, IN
Burnsville, MN

and soon probably the UP ??? Hoping at least :)

Holier Than Thou
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Boy oh boy do I ever get around...

Lorne, NB
St. Andrews, NB
Moncton, NB


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born: 1969-71 Philly
71-81 Bristol
81-84 back in philly
84-87 Bristol
87-90 `Jersey Shore
90-91 Maine, sucked big Moose dong,
91-93 Point Pleasant PA with a consitantly drunk room mate,
93-today Bristol,
gee it sure feels like I moved more :confused
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