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Which way does ducati steering lock?

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Anyway I rode a 900ss earlier today and loved it. I have to admit its a little low on the power but still plenty of fun. To bad the weather turned to shiet with a little hail earlier this evening. Well when I parked the bike in the garage today, I noticed something about the steering lock. On almost every bike that I know of, you have to turn the steering all the way to the left before engaging that steering lock. On my old zook I couldn't even lock the steering unless it was turned full left. But on the 900ss I was able to lock the wheel when it was turned full right. Is that normally how the dukes are? I have never been on one other than the 900ss. Interesting. I thought bikes were more stable parked when the wheel was turned to the left. (which is why i thought the wheel lock could only be engaged when turned left).
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Usually all bikes have the bars turned INTO the kickstand to lock. Ducati I imagine is the same.
I thought it was too the left I never tried it to the right on my 748
It will work both ways on my 748, but it doesnt work right now as the steering degree is changed.. more performance or a sterring lock? um....
oh i see...ducati steering can lock on either side.
Still I;d lock it with the bars turned to the kickstand.:D:D
never thought to try it to the right, Weird
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