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Who is Working New Years Today?

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I am! All Day Long! That's why I didn't do too much celebrating last night, but I might have some tonight. ;) Who else has New Years off and who is stuck working a long day like me?
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I am! All day long! :woowoo

I had to stay home with the sick kiddies yesterday, so I have to make it up since I'm out of vacation time.
I spent last night in BHM and slept through the ball drop because I had to wake up at 2am. I had 3 legs to fly this morning and finished a little after noon. Got paid time and 1/2 but it still sucks. I wasn't home for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. Kinda hard on my girlfriend and family back home, but in the long run, things are going to be well worth it. Happy New Years everyone.
+1 ...working here too ...(well, at least "putting in some time" anyway)
Nope, still have 2 weeks of leave left.:D
Not working... slept till 1 this afternoon... woo hoo.
I was .... :(

But we played a big game of Risk half the night :D
Twas cool!
Not I. :shrug
Nope...didn't work...AND I took off tomorrow...4 day weekend for me...
Worked a 12 hour shift on new years eve and worked new years day as well.
Gotta work today though (don't know why... it's just gonna be dead anyhow) :shrug
yup... I was right... it's dead so far... :(
There were 3 vehicles in the parking lot when I got here at 8 AM this morning - 2 of which were security. :laughing

Got a feeling I'll be leaving early today....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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